MCCF definition

MCCF means one thousand Cunits.

Examples of MCCF in a sentence

  • In FY2004, the Administration’s budget requested consolidating several existing medical collections accounts into one MCCF.

  • Includes funding for medical services, medical support and compliance, medical facilities, and medical and prosthetic research accounts, and excludes collections deposited into the Medical Care Collections Fund (MCCF).

  • Monthly MCCF meetings are open to the public (agenda and details at left).

  • The Balanced Budget Act of 1997 (P.L. 105-33) established the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Care Collections Fund (MCCF) and gave the VHA the authority to retain these funds in the MCCF.

  • The funds deposited in MCCF would be available for medical services for veterans.

  • The MCCF Steering Committee is established to coordinate MCCF meetings, develop meetings agendas, and communicate on compliance matters and actions by MCCF members.

  • Medical Care Collections Fund (MCCF) receipts are restored to the VHA as an indefinite budget authority equal to the revenue collected.

  • Mid-Continent Compliance Forum (MCCF) Mark Buchholz, CMEPAC and MCCF Memberd.

  • In FY2005, first-party collections represented approximately 41% of total MCCF collections.

  • Funds collected from the sale of these products and/or services are deposited into the MCCF.

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