Mashantucket definition

Mashantucket means lands that are part of the Mashantucket (Western) Pequot Reservation and trust lands validly set aside for use of the Mashantucket Pequot Tribe.
Mashantucket means the Mashantucket Pequot Reservation as that term is defined in 25 U.S.C. § 1752(7) together with any lands held by the United States government in trust for the Tribe or any other area subject to the Tribe's jurisdiction.

Examples of Mashantucket in a sentence

  • Nonattainment Pollutant” means any Air Pollutant, and pollutants identified as a constituents or precursors for that pollutant, for which Mashantucket has been designated as a Nonattainment Area.

  • Purpose‌MPTN has an interest in providing for the sound regulation and control of all present and future Sources of air pollution within the boundaries of Mashantucket.

  • This law and attendant regulations provide for the regulation of air pollution Sources in a manner that ensures the health, safety and general welfare of all residents, employees, and guests of Mashantucket, and protects the natural resources of MPTN.

  • Authority to Adopt Air Quality Standards‌ The AQP shall have the authority to adopt and incorporate into the MPTN CAP any air quality standard for Mashantucket which would otherwise be enforceable by the Administrator under the Clean Air Act.

  • Any other limit that may become applicable in the event that an attainment designation for Mashantucket is changed by the Administrator.

  • Subsequent to the issuance of a General Permit, the AQP may require a person, whose activity is or may be covered by the General Permit, to apply for and obtain an individual permit pursuant to this chapter if it determines that an individual permit would better protect the air quality of Mashantucket.

  • After ninety (90) Days, the AQP may seek an order from the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Court in accordance with Title 40 of the M.P.T.L. or pursue other steps that the law may allow to collect the penalty, and may be entitled to seek reasonable collection costs and attorney’s fees.

  • Certification that all sources owned or operated by the applicant within Mashantucket are in compliance or under a compliance schedule.

  • The term “intrastate area,” as used within paragraph (b)(15) of §52.21, shall mean the area within the exterior boundaries of Mashantucket.

  • Pursuant to 40 CFR §52.21(g)(1) Mashantucket shall be considered a Class II area.

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