Definition of Marine World

Marine World means the Marine World Joint Powers Authority or any successor thereto.
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Examples of Marine World in a sentence

Clay Cap Thickness Investigation, Westport Office Park, Marine World Parkway, Redwood City, California.
The site is located approximately one mile east of Highway 101, and it is bordered by Belmont Slough to the north and west, and by an existing residential development and Marine World Parkway to the east and south.
There are 10 existing on-site groundwater monitoring wells and 2 off-site wells to the south of the site, near Marine World Parkway.
Due to the sensitivity of the marine tanks within the Ushaka Marine World, the construction methodologies utilized could have an impact on the Marine World and the methodologies should minimize the amount of vibration within the area comprising the Special Zone during construction.
Holdings or any Subsidiary of Holdings may acquire (whether through an acquisition, swap or exchange) any amusement or attraction park or portions thereof, and the related assets thereof, pursuant to the Marine World Agreements.