March 1 definition

March 1. The Vice President of Academic Affairs will: (a) review the promotion portfolios and the Committee’s written recommendations with the Department Deans, (b) forward the Vice President of Academic Affairs’ written recommendations to the President, (c) forward the committee recommendations to the President, and (d) notify in writing all candidates not recommended by the committee or the Vice President of Academic Affairs or both, outlining area(s) which the candidate should strengthen.
March 1 shall be changed to "March 15" in line 1 on page 32; and (2) "September 1" shall be changed to "September 15" in the seventh line of the carryover portion on page 33.

Examples of March 1 in a sentence

  • No later than March 1 of each calendar year, the Permittee shall submit a report summarizing the sewage sludge disposal, use, storage, or treatment activities of the Permittee during the previous calendar year.

  • In each case, such delivery shall be made not later than five (5) calendar days after the related Distribution Date (in the case of any such “Additional Form 10-D Information”), and no later than March 1 of each year subsequent to the fiscal year that the Trust is subject to the Exchange Act reporting requirements (in the case of any such “Additional Form 10-K Information”).

  • These rates were based upon the preceding year's March 1 (lien date) assessed valuations adjusted for various tax credits.

  • No contractor or subcontractor may be listed on a bid proposal for a public works project (submitted on or after March 1, 2015) unless registered with the Department of Industrial Relations pursuant to Labor Code section 1725.5 [with limited exceptions from this requirement for bid purposes only under Labor Code section 1771.1(a)].

  • Real property taxes become a lien on January 1 of the current year, and personal property taxes become a lien on March 1 of the current year.

  • Exhibit A Standard Trust Terms — Incorporated herein by reference to Exhibit 99.2 to Principal Life Insurance Company’s Current Report on Form 8-K, filed on March 1, 2006.

  • On March 1 of that year, the membership of a member who is still suspended as of that date will be automatically terminated.

  • That the above named firm is currently enrolled in and using the E-Verify system implemented on March 1, 2010 as outlined in PCC 2.106.022 and will continue to use the E-Verify system for so long as work is being performed on the above named project.

  • If the Item 1119 Parties listed on Exhibit X have changed since the Closing Date, no later than March 1 of each year, the Master Servicer shall provide each of the Master Servicer (and the Master Servicer shall provide any Subservicer) and the Trustee with an updated Exhibit X setting forth the Item 1119 Parties.

  • Pooling and Servicing Agreement, dated as of March 1, 2018, by and among Citigroup Commercial Mortgage Securities Inc., as depositor, Midland Loan Services, a Division of PNC Bank, National Association, as master servicer, LNR Partners, LLC, as special servicer, Park Bridge Lender Services LLC, as operating advisor and asset representations reviewer, Citibank, N.A., as certificate administrator, and Wilmington Trust, National Association, as trustee for the Citigroup Commercial Mortgage Trust 2018-B2.

Related to March 1

  • Becquerel (Bq) means the SI unit of activity. One becquerel is equal to 1 disintegration or transformation per second (dps or tps).

  • Front Yard means a yard extending across the full width of a lot between the front lot line of the lot and the nearest wall of the nearest main building or structure on the lot;

  • EMMA means the Electronic Municipal Market Access system as described in 1934 Act Release No. 59062 and maintained by the MSRB for purposes of the Rule.

  • NI 51-102 means National Instrument 51-102 – Continuous Disclosure Obligations;

  • CESA means the California Endangered Species Act (Fish & G. Code, § 2050 et seq.) and all rules, regulations and guidelines promulgated pursuant to that Act.

  • Second Restatement Effective Date means the date on which all of the conditions to the effectiveness of the amendment and restatement of the First Restated Credit Agreement in the form of this Agreement, which are set forth in Section 2 of the Amendment Agreement, are satisfied, which date is January 19, 2016.

  • First Amendment Effective Date has the meaning assigned to such term in the First Amendment.

  • Amendment and Restatement Effective Date means June 28, 2018, the date the amendments and restatements to the Plan of May 7, 2018 are subject to approval by the Company’s stockholders at the Company’s 2018 Annual Meeting.

  • Commercial Management Agreement means the agreement entered into between a Borrower and the Approved Commercial Manager regarding the commercial management of a Ship.

  • Third Restatement Effective Date means the date on which all of the conditions to the effectiveness of the amendment and restatement of the Third Restated Credit Agreement in the form of this Agreement, which are set forth in Section 3 of the Second Amendment Agreement, are satisfied.

  • Signature Date means the date of the on which this Agreement, or any other document in relation thereto, is signed by the Party signing it last in time on the last date in time.

  • Roentgen means the special unit of exposure. One roentgen (R) equals 2.58E-4 coulombs per kilogram of air (see "Exposure" and 12VAC5-481-240).

  • Panchayat means an institution (by whatever name called) of self-government constituted under article 243B, for the rural areas;

  • NI 44-102 means National Instrument 44-102 Shelf Distributions;

  • UK National means a person who is a British citizen (including persons from the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man), a British subject under Part IV of the British Nationality Act 1981 having the right of abode in the UK or a British Dependent Territories citizen acquiring his/her citizenship from connection with Gibraltar.

  • FIFA means the Federation Internationale de Football Association of which the Federation is the national association member for the United States.

  • [Signature Page means the page(s) at the end of the Plan entitled "Signature Page."

  • Amendment Effectiveness Deadline Date has the meaning set forth in Section 2(d) hereof.

  • Amendment Effective Date has the meaning set forth in clause 3.

  • PETE means polyethylene terephthalate, labeled by the SPI code #1.

  • Proposal Due Date and Time means the date and time specified in the Request for Proposal as the deadline for submitting Proposals.

  • First Chicago means The First National Bank of Chicago in its individual capacity, and its successors.

  • CATS II TORFP means the Task Order Request for Proposals # P00B2400008, dated MONTH DAY, YEAR, including any addenda.

  • JAA means the Joint Aviation Authorities and any successor authority.

  • Dated _________________________ NOTICE: The signature to this assignment must correspond with the name as written upon the face of this Certificate in every particular without alteration or enlargement or any change whatever. _______________________________ SIGNATURE GUARANTEED The signature must be guaranteed by a commercial bank or trust company or by a member firm of the New York Stock Exchange or another national securities exchange. Notarized or witnessed signatures are not acceptable. DISTRIBUTION INSTRUCTIONS The assignee should include the following for purposes of distribution: Distributions shall be made, by wire transfer or otherwise, in immediately available funds to _________________________________ for the account of __________________________________ account number _______________ or, if mailed by check, to _______________________________________. Statements should be mailed to _______________________________________________________________. This information is provided by assignee named above, or ______________________________ , as its agent. EXHIBIT A-12 J.P. MORGAN CHASE COMMERCIAL MORTGAGE SECURITIES TRUST 2006-LDP9 COMMERCIAL MORTGAGE PASS-THROUGH CERTIFICATES SERIES 2006-LDP9, CLASS A-J THIS CLASS A-J CERTIFICATE IS SUBORDINATED IN RIGHT OF PAYMENT TO CERTAIN OTHER CLASSES OF CERTIFICATES OF THIS SERIES TO THE EXTENT DESCRIBED IN THE POOLING AND SERVICING AGREEMENT. THE PORTION OF THE CERTIFICATE BALANCE OF THE CERTIFICATES EVIDENCED BY THIS CERTIFICATE WILL BE DECREASED BY THE PORTION OF PRINCIPAL DISTRIBUTIONS ON THE CERTIFICATES AND THE PORTION OF COLLATERAL SUPPORT DEFICIT ALLOCABLE TO THIS CERTIFICATE. ACCORDINGLY, THE CERTIFICATE BALANCE OF THIS CERTIFICATE MAY BE LESS THAN THAT SET FORTH BELOW. ANYONE ACQUIRING THIS CERTIFICATE MAY ASCERTAIN ITS CURRENT CERTIFICATE BALANCE BY INQUIRY OF THE PAYING AGENT. THIS CERTIFICATE CONSTITUTES A REMIC REGULAR INTEREST UNDER THE INTERNAL REVENUE CODE OF 1986, AS AMENDED. Unless this Certificate is presented by an authorized representative of The Depository Trust Company, a New York corporation ("DTC"), to the certificate registrar for registration of transfer, exchange or payment, and any certificate issued is registered in the name of Cede & Co. or in such other name as is requested by an authorized representative of DTC (and any payment is made to Cede & Co. or to such other entity as is requested by an authorized representative of DTC), ANY TRANSFER, PLEDGE OR OTHER USE HEREOF FOR VALUE OR OTHERWISE BY OR TO ANY PERSON IS WRONGFUL inasmuch as the registered owner hereof, Cede & Co., has an interest herein. PASS-THROUGH RATE: 5.4110% MASTER SERVICERS: MIDLAND LOAN SERVICES, INC., CAPMARK FINANCE INC. AND WACHOVIA DENOMINATION: $318,494,000 BANK, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION DATE OF POOLING AND SERVICING SPECIAL SERVICER: LNR PARTNERS, INC. AGREEMENT: AS OF DECEMBER 1, 2006 TRUSTEE: LASALLE BANK NATIONAL CUT-OFF DATE: AS SET FORTH IN THE ASSOCIATION POOLING AND SERVICING AGREEMENT (AS DEFINED HEREIN) PAYING AGENT: WELLS FARGO BANK, N.A.

  • Short-rotation coppice means a specific management regime whereby the poles of trees are cut every one to two years and which is aimed at producing biomass for energy. It is exempt from the UK government timber procurement policy requirements and falls under agricultural regulation and supervision rather than forestry. The exemption only refers to short-rotation coppice, and not 'conventional' coppice which is forest management and therefore subject to the timber policy.