Malls definition

Malls means property owned by Borrower and/or its Affiliates that is in the form of an enclosed regional retail shopping mall that includes two or more anchor stores.
Malls means any of Assembly Square, Cranberry or the Additional Malls.

Examples of Malls in a sentence

  • Directed Metro Manila Ayala Malls to close on 14 March 2020, 7:00 PM to prioritize the health and safety of everyone.

  • Includes Malls, Premium Outlets, The Mills and Lifestyle Centers opened and operating as comparable for the period.

  • The provisions of this item include service at Shopping Malls when the actual pickup or delivery site within the mall complex is not immediately adjacent to the loading or unloading positions available to carrier’s vehicle.

  • The Company and its Subsidiaries, Patrimonio en Fideicomiso – D.S.N° 093-2002-EF-InRetail Shopping Malls, Patrimonio en Fideicomiso – D.S.N° 093-2002-EF-Interproperties Holding, Patrimonio en Fideicomiso –D.S.N° 093- 2002-EF-Interproperties Holding II and Real Plaza S.R.L. (hereinafter and together, “InRetail Real Estate”), are dedicated to the operation of shopping malls as well as real estate development.

  • For Regional Malls, please provide the dollar-per-square-foot amount of sales for inline tenants.

  • The Company is engaged in the business of developing, owning and operating of Shopping Malls, Commercial and Residential Premises.

  • InRetail Shopping Malls and Interproperties Holding attribute its generated results, the net losses and Income Tax credits on foreign source income, to the holders of its certificates of participation or whoever holds those rights.Therefore, to reflect this obligation, the Company has provisioned 30 percent of long term income tax over the profit earned to date.

  • As a result of these issues, InRetail Shopping Malls must comply, until their maturity and full payment, certain obligations and covenants must be met in this type of transactions.

  • Patrimonio en Fideicomiso – D.S.N°093-2002-EF-InRetail Shopping Malls is a Special Purpose Entity (SPE) formed on July 2014, for the purpose of holding certificates of participation of Patrimonio en Fideicomiso – D.S.N°093-2002-EF-Interproperties Holding and Patrimonio en Fideicomiso – D.S.N°093—2002-EF- Interproperties Holding II and 100 percent of capital stock of Real Plaza S.R.L.

  • Any contractor using the Malls refuse containers for the disposal of hazardous waste will be charged a fine.* Contractor will be held obligated for all cleanups as the result of that dumping, plus a twenty-five percent (25%) surcharge.4. Tenant’s contractor is responsible for damage to parking surfaces caused by Tenant’s roll-off trash containeror storage box containers.

More Definitions of Malls

Malls means all of the foregoing. "Management Agreement" - shall mean the agreement for the management and leasing of the Malls dated as of February 1, 1994 between Seller and the Managing Agent, as heretofore amended. "Managing Agent" - shall mean General Growth Management Inc. "Mesa Mall" - shall mean, with respect to the premises described in Exhibit A-7 hereto, collectively, the Land, the Appurtenances, the Improvements, the Personal Property, the Leases, the Operating Agreements, the Other Agreements and the Intangible Personal Property. "Mortgage" - shall mean that certain Mortgage, Deed of Trust, Security Agreement, Assignment of Leases and Rents, Fixture Filing and Financing Statement dated and effective as of May 29, 1996 among Equitable, as Mortgagor, W. Xxxxx Xxxx, Xx., as Deed Trustee (solely with respect to Valley Mall), Mesa County Public Trustee, as Deed Trustee (solely with respect with Mesa Mall) and State Street Bank and Trust Company, as Trustee, which encumbers each of the Malls, and related agreements and instruments which evidence or secure the Existing Financing, the documents comprising which are listed in Exhibit B. "NorthPark Mall" - shall mean, with respect to the premises described in Exhibit A-8 hereto, collectively, the Land, the Appurtenances, the Improvements, the Personal Property, the Leases, the Operating Agreements, the Other Agreements and the Intangible Personal Property. "Operating Agreement" - shall mean, with respect to each Mall, each reciprocal easement and operating agreement or ground lease, as amended, by and between Equitable or its
Malls means Hickory Hollow Mall and Rivergate Mall. "Management Agreement" shall mean, with respect to each Center, the agreement, as amended, for the management (and, with respect to the Malls, leasing) of the Center, the document(s) comprising which are listed in Exhibit E. "Managing Agent" shall mean, with respect to each Center, the manager at the time under the Management Agreement for such Center. "Material Adverse Effect" shall mean a material adverse effect (i) on the condition (financial or otherwise), business, liabilities, properties, assets, or results of operations of Parent and its subsidiaries (including the Partnership), taken as a whole or (ii) on the ability of Transferee or Parent to perform their respective obligations under or to consummate the transactions contemplated by this Agreement. "New Lease Notice" shall have the meaning set forth in Section 11.04. "Non-Mall Properties" shall have the meaning set forth in Section 3.06. "Operating Agreements" shall mean, with respect to each Center, all agreements and/or ground or operating leases, as amended or supplemented, by and between Transferor or its predecessor in title to the Center and the Adjoining Owners. "Other Agreements" shall mean, with respect to each Center, all contracts, agreements and documents pertaining to the Center to which Transferor or its predecessor in interest is a party and by which Transferor is bound, other than the Operating Agreements, the Management Agreements, the Leasing Agreements, the Leases and the documents listed on Schedule 1, including all service contracts, construction contracts, leases of personal property and utility agreements, together with all amendments, supplements and modifications thereto. "Other Charges" shall mean all items which are included in Rents other than fixed, minimum, percentage and overage rents. (10)
Malls means Alexxxxxxx Xxxx, Xxxxxx Xxxx, Xxxxxxx Xxxl, Mesilla Valley Mall, Park Plaza, Pecanland Mall, Shawnee Mall, Temple Mall and Villx Xxxxx Xxxl.

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  • Pedestrian means any person afoot. A person who uses an

  • Parks means the parks or green spaces named in the Application "Parties" means the Authority and the Licensee

  • Pavement means any type of improved surface that is within the public right-of-way and that is paved or otherwise constructed with bituminous, concrete, aggregate, or gravel.

  • Frontage means and refer to all the property on one side of a street between two intersecting streets measured along the line of the street, or if the street is dead-ended, then all of the property abutting on one side between an intersecting street and the dead end of the street.

  • Areas means such areas within the DAS Areas that are identified in Annexure A annexed to this Agreement;

  • Landscaped area means all the planting areas, turf areas, and water features in a landscape design plan subject to the Maximum Applied Water Allowance and Estimated Applied Water Use calculations. The landscaped area does not include footprints of buildings or structures, sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, decks, patios, gravel or stone walks, other pervious or non-pervious hardscapes, and other non-irrigated areas designated for non-development (e.g., open spaces and existing native vegetation).

  • Campsite means any place where any bedding, sleeping bag, or other material used for bedding purposes, or any stove or fire is placed, established or maintained for the purpose of maintaining a temporary place to live, whether or not such place incorporates the use of any tent, lean-to, shack, or any other structure, or any vehicle or part thereof.

  • Airports means Chicago O’Hare International Airport and Chicago Midway International Airport.

  • CABS means the Carrier Access Billing System.

  • Outdoors means any location that is not “indoors” within a fully enclosed and secure structure as defined herein.

  • Casino means a casino regulated by this state under the Michigan gaming control and revenue act, the Initiated Law of 1996, MCL 432.201 to 432.226, or a casino at which gaming is conducted under the Indian gaming regulatory act, Public Law 100-497, 102 Stat. 2467, and all property associated or affiliated with the operation of the casino, including, but not limited to, a parking lot, hotel, motel, or retail store.

  • Highways means any state or other highway and any public street, alley, park, parkway,

  • Perimeter means the fenced or walled area of the institution that restrains the movement of the inmates.

  • Sidewalk means that portion of a street between the curb lines, or the lateral lines of a roadway, and the adjacent property lines intended for the use of pedestrians.

  • Clubhouse means a community-based program that provides

  • Driveway AOL NetFind," "AOL Instant Messenger" or any similar independent product or service which may be offered by, through or with the U.S. versions of the American Online(R) brand service, (d) any programming or content area offered by or through the U.S. version of the America Online(R) brand service over which AOL does not exercise complete operational control (including, without limitation, Content areas controlled by AOL Studios (e.g., Digital Cities), Content areas controlled by other information providers and member-created Content areas), (e) any yellow pages, white pages, classifieds or other search, directory or review services or Content offered by or through the U.S. version of the America Online(R) brand service, (f) any property, feature, product or service which AOL or its affiliates may acquire subsequent to the Effective Date and (g) any other version of an America Online service which is materially different from the narrow-band U.S. version of the America Online brand service, by virtue or its branding, distribution, functionality, Content and services, including, without limitation, any co-branded version of the service and any version distributed through any broadband distribution platform or through any platform or device other than a desktop personal computer. AFFILIATE. Any agent, distributor or franchisee of AOL or an entity in which --------- AOL hold at least a nineteen percent (19%) equity interest.

  • Parking means a space enclosed or unenclosed, to park vehicles together with a driveway connecting the parking space with a street permitting ingress and egress of the vehicles;

  • footpath means a road over which there is a public right of way for pedestrians only, not being a footway;

  • Airport lounge means a business location:

  • parking ticket means a parking ticket, season ticket, residents parking permit or waiver of any kind (including medical practitioner waiver, Tradesman’s Waiver and Daily Visitors’ Parking Cards).

  • Routes means the routes for which the Company or, if applicable, a Subsidiary holds or hereafter acquires the requisite authority to operate foreign air transportation pursuant to Title 49 including, without limitation, applicable frequencies, exemption and certificate authorities, Fifth-Freedom Rights and “behind/beyond rights”, whether or not utilized by the Company or such Subsidiary.

  • Primary highway means any highway, other than an inter- state highway, at any time officially designated as a part of the fed- eral−aid primary system by the department and approved by the appropriate authority of the federal government.

  • Courtyard means a space permanently open to sky, with or without pergola, enclosed fully or partially by buildings and may be at ground level or any other level within or adjacent to a building;

  • Sport means all forms of physical activity which, through casual or organised participation, aim at expressing or improving physical fitness and mental well-being, forming social relationships or obtaining results in competition at all levels.

  • Outdoor means any open-air space including any space which may have a temporary or fixed cover (e.g. awning or roof) and at least seventy-five percent of the square footage of its sides open for airflow.

  • Patio means an uncovered horizontal structure with a surface height, at any point, no greater than 0.60 metres above grade, intended for use as an outdoor amenity space.