Lowest bidder definition

Lowest bidder means as defined in Clause 1.2.4. “Projectshall mean as defined in Clause 1.1.1.
Lowest bidder means the party who submits the least expensive total monetary bid in response to a bid invitation.
Lowest bidder means a person or firm, which has submitted the most advantageous price.

Examples of Lowest bidder in a sentence

The Buyer also reserves the right to do Apportionment of Quantity, if it is convinced that Lowest Bidder is not in a position to supply full quantity in stipulated time.

The Bidder with lowest Bid Price shall be the Lowest Bidder and shall be the Selected Bidder, subject to the provisions of this RFP.

In this regard, the Authority may ask the Lowest Bidder to produce copies of invoices of the model/make as quoted in the tender, supplied to any other Government / Private organizations in India in support of their quoted price.

In case such Lowest Bidder withdraws or is not selected for whatsoever reason, the Authority shall annul the Bidding Process and invite fresh BIDs.

Techno-Commercial Discussions will be held with the Lowest Bidder only, if necessary. Vendors, who do not accept our standard commercial terms, are liable to be ignored.

More Definitions of Lowest bidder

Lowest bidder means the Bidder whose Evaluated Price is the lowest.