LOV definition

LOV means a letter of violation. A LOV may be used for minor violations.
LOV simply stated means LIST OF VALUES. When you see a field followed by the letters LOV, it serves to indicate that if you click on this LOV, you will retrieve a LISTING of all of the VALID VALUES which may be used to populate this particular field:

Examples of LOV in a sentence

This AD is intended to complete certain mandated programs intended to support the airplane reaching its limit of validity (LOV) of the engineering data that support the established structural maintenance program.

Board approved, contractual special pay rates listed below by pay type as follows: LOV = Librarian Overload, OVR = Overload, MTM = Full Time Certificated Instructional Misc.

Predefined values include Reports To, Spouse, Child, Lawyer, Board Member, Primary Contact (Backup), Admin Assistant, Competitor, Referral, Service Provider, Investor, Wealth Management Rep, Related Subsidiary, Bank Attorney, Trustee Attorney, and Debtor Attorney.This LOV can be modified by the Siebel administrator.

New rows will be created depending on the number of bind variable provided in the LOV query.

Select the bind filed in the screen (and its block ) for the LOV.

This proposed AD is intended to complete certain mandated programs intended to support the airplane reaching its limit of validity (LOV) of the engineering data that support the established structural maintenance program.

The validation types applicable to a date field include: LOV None If you indicate LOV then an entry to the field can be made only from the predefined list that you maintain for the field.

In the Enter Reason ID field, enter the reason ID, or click the LOV button to select a reason.

Hence, If the value that you have keyed in the input field has only one matching value in the LOV, then system will not open the LOV on tabbing out and all the return fields for that LOV will be automatically updated. If more than one record is available, then the system displays the first 10 pages of the records.

Else, the page count is displayed as ‘Current Page of 10’. For both extensible and non-extensible screens, you can also maintain a query; in addition to existing LOV, for a particular column.

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