Live Event definition

Live Event means any live, in-person tournament that is part of an Official Competition.
Live Event means a Zwift Cycling Esports event or series designated by Zwift as a Live Event;
Live Event is a scheduled live stage show, parade, or other organized event taking place at a Theme Park that includes or uses in any way one or more DW Elements or promotes in any way an identification between such use and any Eligible DW Property, including without limitation individual(s) or groups of individuals costumed as characters from any Eligible DW Property who perform in any portion of a Theme Park as part of a pre-choreographed or scripted routine, show or review with other actors.

Examples of Live Event in a sentence

  • EA will post a winners list after all winners are determined and verified two (2) weeks after each Live Event and Online Tournament at

  • EA reserves the right to provide ground transportation instead of airfare based on a Competitor’s travel distance from a Live Event.

  • If a Competitor is a minor in his or her territory of residence, the Competitor’s parent or legal guardian will be required to sign all necessary documents to accept travel, and must accompany the Competitor to the Live Event.

  • If a Competitor does not complete the Declaration of Eligibility to Travel within seven (7) calendar days after attempted notification, fails to sign and/or return the Declaration of Eligibility to Travel within the required time period, refuses travel, is ineligible to accept travel, or is unavailable to travel on dates appropriate to the Live Events, the Competitor forfeits travel accommodations as well as their place in the Live Event.

  • Live Event Conduct Competitors must be respectful toward other Competitors, event staff, and ALGS Officials.

  • Competitors must register for every Online Tournament or Live Event with a Team.

  • Competitors invited to participate in a Live Event may be required to sign and return a Declaration of Eligibility to Travel, as well as to certify their residency by providing a government-issued identification, such as a passport, driver’s license, identification card, or work visa with a name and physical address in an eligible country.

  • EA or third parties may provide travel accommodations for some invited or qualified Competitors to a Live Event at EA’s or such third party’s expense.

  • Testimony of Michael Strickland, owner Bandit Lites, U.S. Congress, Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, Subcommittee on Manufacturing, Trade, and Consumer Protection, Examining the Impact of COVID- 19 on the Live Event Entertainment Industry, hearing on S.

  • Each Live Event may have one (1) EA-operated Online Tournament per Region or Super Region (described in Sections and where Teams compete for a reserved spot(s) in a Live Event.

More Definitions of Live Event

Live Event means a popular or classical concert, recital, dance party or other live entertainment with Music being Played or Performed regardless of whether there is an admission charge;
Live Event is the duration of time between the event’s scheduled start time and its end time.
Live Event means an event or function organized or sponsored by Licensee or its affiliates or agents at which the performance of music is the primary focus, such as but not limited to musical concerts, music competitions and electronic dance music performance events.

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  • Nominal tomographic section thickness means the full width at half-maximum of the sensitivity profile taken at the center of the cross-sectional volume over which x-ray transmission data are collected.

  • Non-Synchronized Reserve Event means a request from the Office of the Interconnection to generation resources able and assigned to provide Non-Synchronized Reserve in one or more specified Reserve Zones or Reserve Sub-zones, within ten minutes to increase the energy output by the amount of assigned Non-Synchronized Reserve capability.

  • Soft drinks means nonalcoholic beverages that contain natural or artificial sweeteners. "Soft drinks" does not include beverages that contain milk or milk products, soy, rice, or similar milk substitutes, or that contains greater than fifty per cent vegetable or fruit juice by volume.

  • Acute toxicity means concurrent and delayed adverse effects that result from an acute exposure and occur within any short observation period, which begins when the exposure begins, may extend beyond the exposure period, and usually does not constitute a substantial portion of the life span of the organism.

  • Natural background means the condition of waters in the absence of man-induced alterations based on the best scientific information available to the Department. The establishment of natural background for an altered waterbody may be based upon a similar unaltered waterbody or on historical pre-alteration data. 62-302.200(15), FAC.

  • Summative evaluation means the comprehensive, end-of-cycle appraisal and shall incorporate the results of the minimum required observations, any additional observations, and required component-level data. At the discretion of the Evaluator, it may also include additional Announced, Unannounced, or Short observation data beyond the required observation data provided by other Credentialed Observers.

  • Reference evapotranspiration or “ETo” means a standard measurement of environmental parameters which affect the water use of plants. ETo is given expressed in inches per day, month, or year as represented in Appendix C of these Guidelines, and is an estimate of the evapotranspiration of a large field of four to seven-inch tall, cool-season grass that is well watered. Reference evapotranspiration is used as the basis of determining the Maximum Applied Water Allowances.

  • explosive actuated fastening device means a tool that is activated by an explosive charge and that is used for driving bolts, nails and similar objects for the purpose of providing fixing;

  • ii) Trigger Date shall have the meaning set forth in Section 11(a)(iii) hereof.

  • Explosives or munitions emergency means a situation involving the suspected or detected presence of unexploded ordnance (UXO), damaged or deteriorated explosives or munitions, an improvised explosive device (IED), other potentially explosive material or device, or other potentially harmful military chemical munitions or device, that creates an actual or potential imminent threat to human health, including safety, or the environment, including property, as determined by an explosives or munitions emergency response specialist. Such situations may require immediate and expeditious action by an explosives or munitions emergency response specialist to control, mitigate, or eliminate the threat.

  • Pump spray means a packaging system in which the product ingredients within the container are not under pressure and in which the product is expelled only while a pumping action is applied to a button, trigger or other actuator.

  • ii) Event means any event described in Section 11(a)(ii) hereof.

  • Notice Event means any of the events enumerated in paragraph (b)(5)(i)(C) of the Rule and listed in Section 4(a) of this Disclosure Agreement.

  • Explosives or munitions emergency response specialist means an individual trained in chemical or conventional munitions or explosives handling, transportation, render-safe procedures, or destruction techniques. Explosives or munitions emergency response specialists include Department of Defense (DOD) emergency explosive ordnance disposal (EOD), technical escort unit (TEU), and DOD-certified civilian or contractor personnel; and other Federal, State, or local government, or civilian personnel similarly trained in explosives or munitions emergency responses.

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  • Diagnostic mammography means a method of screening that

  • Sequential Trigger Event With respect to any Distribution Date (a) before the 25th Distribution Date, the circumstances in which the aggregate amount of Realized Losses incurred since the Cut-off Date through the last day of the related Due Period divided by the aggregate Stated Principal Balance of the Mortgage Loans as of the Cut-off Date exceeds 1.40%, or (b) on or after the 25th Distribution Date, if a Trigger Event is in effect.

  • Source-image receptor distance means the distance from the source to the center of the input surface of the image receptor.

  • Section 13 Event means any event described in clauses (x), (y) or (z) of Section 13(a) hereof.

  • Excluded Downtime means any time the Service is not available because of a Force Majeure or Planned Downtime.

  • Appraisal Trigger Event As defined in Section 3.19(a).

  • Whole effluent toxicity means the aggregate toxic effect of an effluent measured directly by a toxicity test.

  • Explosives or munitions emergency response means all immediate response activities by an explosives and munitions emergency response specialist to control, mitigate, or eliminate the actual or potential threat encountered during an explosives or munitions emergency. An explosives or munitions emergency response may include in-place render-safe procedures, treatment or destruction of the explosives or munitions and/or transporting those items to another location to be rendered safe, treated, or destroyed. Any reasonable delay in the completion of an explosives or munitions emergency response caused by a necessary, unforeseen, or uncontrollable circumstance will not terminate the explosives or munitions emergency. Explosives and munitions emergency responses can occur on either public or private lands and are not limited to responses at RCRA facilities.

  • Group I Trigger Event With respect to the Group I Certificates after the Group I Stepdown Date, a Distribution Date on which either (a) the product of (A) two (2.0) and (B) the quotient of (i) the aggregate Stated Principal Balance of all Group I Mortgage Loans which are 60 or more days Delinquent (including, for the purposes of this calculation, Group I Mortgage Loans in foreclosure and REO Properties) and (ii) the Stated Principal Balance of the Group I Mortgage Loans as of the preceding Servicer Advance Date, exceeds the Group I Required Percentage or (b) the quotient (expressed as a percentage) of (A) the aggregate Realized Losses incurred with respect to the applicable loan group from the Cut-off Date through the last day of the calendar month preceding such Distribution Date and (B) the aggregate stated Principal Balance of the Group I Mortgage Loans as of the Cut-off Date, exceeds the Group I Required Loss Percentage.

  • Adult theater means a theater, concert hall, auditorium, or similar commercial establishment which regularly features persons who appear in a state of nudity or live performances which are characterized by the exposure of "specified anatomical areas" or by "specified sexual activities."