Litigation Proceedings definition

Litigation Proceedings means any and all claims (including pursuant to arbitration) howsoever arising pending, actual or, to the Seller's Knowledge, threatened or contingent to which the Acquired Subsidiary is (or may be) a party.
Litigation Proceedings means the United Bank Adversary Proceeding, the Clearwater Adversary Proceeding, the LCC Adversary Proceeding, and any adversary proceeding commenced after the date hereof by the Debtors or the Liquidation Trustee.

Examples of Litigation Proceedings in a sentence

  • Any award of the arbitrator (or of the Appeal Panel (defined below)) may be entered in such Litigation Proceedings pursuant to the Arbitration Act.

  • Litigation PFOA: Environmental and Litigation Proceedings For purposes of this report, the term “PFOA” means, collectively, perfluorooctanoic acid and its salts, including the ammonium salt, and does not distinguish between the two forms.

  • Litigation PFOA and PFAS: Environmental and Litigation Proceedings For purposes of this report, the term “PFOA” means, collectively, perfluorooctanoic acid and its salts, including the ammonium salt, and does not distinguish between the two forms.

  • The Government informed that the request for suspending the civil litigation proceedings until the criminal proceedings were completed was based on article 14 of the Law of Litigation Proceedings.

  • If the proposer is a joint venture or includes partners or key sub-consultants or sub-contractors as part of the CMR, please explain the relationships of the parties.4.1 Arbitration / Litigation Proceedings Identify any and all lawsuits and/or arbitration proceedings that you were a party to that were filed within the last ten (10) years.

  • Violations Requiring Inspection Warrant or Commencement of Civil Litigation Proceedings.

  • Litigation Proceedings Relating to the Company's Financial Guaranty Business AGM and AGMH receive subpoenas duces tecum and interrogatories from regulators from time to time.

  • Hyseq and Affymetrix have resolved and settled the Litigation Proceedings on an amicable basis and have entered into a Settlement Agreement, which agreement includes a provision that the parties will enter into a Interference Settlement Agreement to resolve Interference No. 104,552.

  • Environmental Remediation and Litigation Proceedings The Company is involved in various stages of investigation and cleanup related to environmental remediation matters at a number of sites, including those described below.

  • Arbitration and Litigation Proceedings – Sandra Goebel On August 12, 2013, a demand for arbitration styled Sandra G.

Related to Litigation Proceedings

  • CCAA Proceedings means the proceedings commenced by the Applicant under the CCAA as contemplated by the Initial Order;

  • Formal proceedings means proceedings conducted before a judge with notice to interested persons.

  • criminal proceedings means criminal proceedings in relation to which the strict rules of evidence apply;

  • Informal proceedings means proceedings for probate of a will or appointment of a personal representative conducted by the probate register without notice to interested persons.

  • Litigation has the meaning ascribed to it in Section 3.13.

  • Litigation Claims means the claims, rights of action, suits or proceedings, whether in law or in equity, whether known or unknown, that any Debtor or any Estate may hold against any Person or Entity, including, without limitation, the Causes of Action of the Debtors or their Estates, in each case solely to the extent of the Debtors’ or their Estates’ interest therein. A non-exclusive list of the Litigation Claims held by the Debtors as of the Effective Date will be Filed with the Plan Supplement, which will be deemed to include any derivative actions filed against any Debtor as of the Effective Date.

  • Bond proceedings means, collectively, this Ordinance, the Certificate of Award and such other proceedings of the City, including the Bonds, that provide collectively for, among other things, the rights of holders and beneficial owners of the Bonds.

  • Legal Proceedings has the meaning set forth in Section 4.13.

  • dispute resolution proceeding ’ means any process in which an alternative means of dispute resolution is used to resolve an issue in controversy in which a neutral is appointed and specified parties participate;

  • winding-up proceedings means collective proceedings involving realisation of the assets and distribution of the proceeds among the creditors, shareholders or members as appropriate, which involve any intervention by administrative or judicial authorities, including where the collective proceedings are terminated by a composition or other analogous measure, whether or not they are founded on insolvency or are voluntary or compulsory;

  • civil proceedings means any proceedings in or before any court or tribunal that are not criminal proceedings;

  • Lawsuit means any lawsuit, arbitration or other dispute resolution filed by either party herein pertaining to any of this Warrant, the Facility Agreement and the Registration Rights Agreement.

  • Criminal proceeding means a proceeding instituted by means of the swearing of an information, the laying of a charge or the return of an indictment, before a Court of competent jurisdiction in Canada with jurisdiction to hear and determine the charges referred to therein, alleging or charging that the "Insured" has contravened the provisions of any Provincial or Federal statute, including the Criminal Code, R.S.C. 1985 ch. C-46 as amended, which creates an offence or crime and which provides for conviction thereunder, whether by way of summary conviction or indictment, and as a result of which the "Insured" is liable to be convicted, fined or sentenced to some form of imprisonment or other punishment.

  • Environmental Proceedings means any judicial or administrative proceedings arising from or in any way associated with any Environmental Requirement.

  • Legal Action means and includes any claim, counterclaim, demand, action, suit, counterclaim, arbitration, inquiry, proceeding or investigation before any

  • Adjudicative proceeding means an administrative matter resulting in an agency

  • ADR Proceeding means either an Arbitration or a Mediation.

  • Proceedings means all litigations (civil and criminal), arbitrations, administrative proceedings, investigations, suits, claims or charges.

  • relevant proceedings means proceedings for contempt of court or proceedings under Schedule 2 to the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014;

  • Bankruptcy Proceedings has the meaning set forth in clause (b) of paragraph 9 hereof.

  • foreign proceeding means a collective judicial or administrative proceeding in a foreign State, including an interim proceeding, pursuant to a law relating to insolvency in which proceeding the assets and affairs of the debtor are subject to control or supervision by a foreign court, for the purpose of reorganization or liquidation;

  • Insolvency Proceedings means bankruptcy, liquidation or other collective judicial or administrative proceedings, including interim proceedings, in which the assets and affairs of the debtor are subject to control or supervision by a court for the purposes of reorganisation or liquidation;

  • Environmental Proceeding means any judgment, action, proceeding or investigation pending before any court or Governmental Authority, with respect to the Borrower or any Subsidiary and arising under or relating to any Environmental Laws and Regulations.

  • Litigation Matters means all pending or threatened litigation, investigations, claims or other legal matters that have been or may be asserted against, or otherwise adversely affect, Verizon and/or Spinco (or members of either Group).

  • Administrative proceeding means a non-judicial process that is adjudicatory in nature in order to make a determination of fault or liability (e.g., Securities and Exchange Commission Administrative Proceedings, Civilian Board of Contract Appeals Proceedings, and Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals Proceedings). This includes administrative proceedings at the Federal and State level but only in connection with performance of a Federal contract or grant. It does not include agency actions such as contract audits, site visits, corrective plans, or inspection of deliverables.

  • Proceeding means an action, claim, suit, investigation or proceeding (including, without limitation, an informal investigation or partial proceeding, such as a deposition), whether commenced or threatened.