Definition of Lessee Improvements

Lessee Improvements means the Pre-Existing Buildings and any other buildings, structures or improvements currently or hereafter located on the Premises, including the New Buildings, and any related improvements or structures on the Premises, including all infrastructure, fixtures and building equipment (but excluding scientific and medical equipment) necessary for the operation of any such improvements or structures except for the County Improvements and any Utility Infrastructure owned by a utility company.
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Examples of Lessee Improvements in a sentence

LESSEE IMPROVEMENTS: The parties acknowledge that, at Lessee's sole cost and expense, Lessee shall construct certain non-structural improvements (the "Lessee Improvements") described in plans and specifications previously approved by Lessor.
Lessor also retains the right, as a condition of its consent, to require Lessee to provide Lessor with a lien and completion bond in a form acceptable to Lessor in an amount equal to one and one-half times the estimated cost of Lessee constructed Lessee Improvements and Lessee Alterations and/or require the inclusion of Lessor's non-responsibility language in all contracts in a form approved by Lessor.
Lessee will give Lessor a minimum of fifteen (15) days prior written notice to the commencement of any Lessee constructed Lessee Improvements and Lessee Alterations to allow Lessor sufficient time in which to post notices of non-responsibility or no liability for work then in progress in, on, or about the Premises as provided by law.
Such proceeds shall be used by Lessee exclusively for the repair, replacement and restoration of such Personal Property, Lessee Improvements and Alterations.
Except for immaterial field changes, modifications to the Lessee Improvements Final Plans and Specifications must be made and accepted only by written change order or agreement signed by Lessor and Lessee and will constitute an amendment to this Lease.