LAR definition

LAR means local area reliability, which is any program of localized resource adequacy requirements established for jurisdictional load serving entities by the CPUC pursuant to the Resource Adequacy Rulings, or by another Local Regulatory Authority having jurisdiction over the load serving entity. LAR may also be known as local resource adequacy, local RAR, or local capacity requirement in other regulatory proceedings or legislative actions.
LAR means local area reliability, which is any program of localized resource adequacy requirements established for jurisdictional LSEs by the CPUC pursuant to the CPUC Decisions, or by another LRA of competent jurisdiction over the LSE. LAR may also be known as local resource adequacy, local RAR, “PG&E Other RA”, “Greater Bay Area RA”, or local capacity requirement in other regulatory proceedings or legislative actions.
LAR. : means the list of Certification Authority revoked Certificates;

Examples of LAR in a sentence

  • According to the LAR laws, the IA should provide assistance to those who lose their land, houses, or income sources due to the Project, to make their living standard equal to or higher than that before the project begins.According to Compensation Standards and Qualifications, an Entitlement Matrix of Compensation is made to guide the implementation of the RP.

  • The SDDR has provided the description of proposed activities and social impact assessment results that confirmed complete absence of any new social or LAR impacts.

  • The core agencies and organizations involved in the LAR process are: ADB, Ministry of Transport, Project Implementation Unit for Road Rehabilitation (PIURR), Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Agriculture, State Committee for Land management and Geodesy (SCLMG), State Unitary Enterprise for Valuation (SUE) ‘Narkhguzori’, District Authorities, Local Executive Government Districts (Hukumats), Jamoats, City and Town Local State Executive Authorities, LAR Committee, and other state agencies.

  • During the road construction as a result of required design changes more LAR impacts were confirmed to forty-seven (47) land parcels under possession/use by 59 APs. All fifty- nine (59) APs were encountered as eligible to compensation for loss of land, assets or income and therefore covered under LARP Addendum No 1 approved by PIU/MOT and ADB in April 2020.

  • The Lead Resettlement Specialist of the PIU is responsible for day-to-day activities required for planning, implementing, and monitoring LAR plans, grievances, and social safeguards issues from PIU’s side.

  • The last entry in thelog should still be the 1st successful consent with the LAR.*It is expected that we should obtain consent from an LAR within 24 hours (and all attempts should be documented).*Use the code “other” when documenting attempts at consent with anyone other than the LAR (for example: you speak to a charge nurse who is trying to locate the LAR).

  • The policies concerning the LAR for the APs are a combination of Chinese laws and ADB’s requirements.

  • The MoT has the overall responsibility for the Project in areas such as preparation, implementation and financing of all LAR tasks, cross-agency coordination, management, monitoring and evaluation of all project implementation aspects, including procurement of goods, services, and works on the projects.

  • Lela Shatirishvili is responsible for the preparation of LAR plans, implementing intermittent monitoring, and providing guidance and training to the local counterparts and personnel involved in the day-to-day activities of social monitoring.

  • LAR fund will be allocated to the Project’s construction units and the Municipal Resettlement Office by the Project’s Development units via specified banks.

More Definitions of LAR

LAR means legally authorized representative. A “legally authorized representative” means a person authorized by law to act on behalf of an individual with regard to a matter described in this Agreement, which may be the guardian of an adult individual or a surrogate decision maker under Texas Health and Safety Code §313.004.
LAR means the Large Account Resellers
LAR. Lot Acceptable Rate;
LAR has the meaning attributed thereto by paragraph 4.1 and Appendix “A” to this Plan;
LAR means the process of electronically locating, analyzing, and recognizing handwritten or machine-printed legal amount information on an Item to determine the dollar amount based upon certain confidence levels.
LAR means Microsoft Large Account Reseller, is the appointed distributor of Microsoft SPLA licensing.

Related to LAR

  • SID means the supplementary information document of which these Terms form part;

  • Forest means an area of land defined by the minimum values for area size, tree crown cover or an equivalent stocking level, and potential tree height at maturity at the place of growth of the trees as specified for each Member State in Annex II. It includes areas with trees, including groups of growing, young, natural trees, or plantations that have yet to reach the minimum values for tree crown cover or an equivalent stocking level or minimum tree height as specified in Annex II, including any area that normally forms part of the forest area but on which there are temporarily no trees as a result of human intervention, such as harvesting, or as a result of natural causes, but which area can be expected to revert to forest;

  • Toddler means a child at least one year of age but less than 2 years of age.

  • Fish means fresh or saltwater finfish, crustaceans, other forms of aquatic animal life (including, but not limited to, alligator, frog, aquatic tur- tle, jellyfish, sea cucumber, and sea ur- chin and the roe of such animals) other than birds or mammals, and all mol- lusks, where such animal life is in- tended for human consumption.

  • Water surface elevation means the height, in relation to the National Geodetic Vertical Datum (NGVD) of 1929, the North American Vertical Datum (NAVD) of 1988, or other datum, where specified, of floods of various magnitudes and frequencies in the floodplains of riverine areas.

  • STU means the Board or the Government company notified by the respective State Government under Sub-section (1) of Section 39 of the Act;