Definition of L2QA Pro Forma EBITDA

L2QA Pro Forma EBITDA means as of any date of determination, Pro Forma EBITDA for the period of the most recent two consecutive fiscal quarters ending prior to the date of such determination for which internal consolidated financial statements of the Issuer are available multiplied by 2.0.
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Examples of L2QA Pro Forma EBITDA in a sentence

For the avoidance of doubt, if the Borrower has made an LCA Election and any of the ratios or baskets for which compliance was determined or tested as of the LCA Test Date are exceeded as a result of fluctuations in any such ratio or basket, including due to fluctuations in L2QA Pro Forma EBITDA at or prior to the consummation of the relevant transaction or action, such baskets or ratios will not be deemed to have been exceeded as a result of such fluctuations.