Jackpot Game definition

Jackpot Game means an individual Lottery game as described in specific game playing rules that utilizes a computer system to administer plays and in which a player or the computer system selects a combination of digits, numbers, or symbols. The Lottery will conduct periodic drawings to determine the winning combination(s) in accordance with the Specific Game Playing Rules for each Jackpot game.
Jackpot Game means the final game of a bingo occasion.
Jackpot Game means any progressive jackpot non-poker Game Product, in regard to which the Client is required to make the Contributions. Jackpot Win means a win, by a Player, of the maximum jackpot prize for a particular Jackpot Game, as determined by the Game Provider’s central jackpot server used for the Jackpot Games, at the time of the win. Gross Gaming Revenue [***].

Examples of Jackpot Game in a sentence

  • Other committees may be selected by the Coordinating Committee as the need for fulfilling other functions arises.

  • Once a Jackpot Game is in Draw Break, Jackpot Game Terminals will not allow any further purchases for that Drawing.

  • The Prize Winner of an annuitized or installment payment Prize in any Jackpot Game who desires to assign the right to unpaid future annuitized or installment payments must comply with C.R.S. 44-40-113(1)(b) and (2).

  • The Jackpot Game terminal will read the play slip and issue a ticket with corresponding play(s).

  • The Jackpot Game licensee may also enter the selected numbers via the keyboard.

  • A licensee must be selling multi-state Jackpot Game tickets up to and including the day that the ticket is validated by the Lottery and must be the same licensed licensee who sold the winning ticket.

  • Plays may be entered manually using the Jackpot Game terminal keypad or by means of a play slip provided by the Colorado Lottery.

  • The Lottery shall designate the type of equipment to be used and shall establish procedures to randomly select the Winning Combination for each type of Jackpot Game.

  • For the purposes of this Rule 14 “Jackpot Game” shall mean Multi-State Jackpot Game and “Jackpot Ticket” shall mean Multi-State Jackpot Ticket.

  • Quick Picks and Partial Quick Pick can be generated using a play slip or by the Jackpot Game licensee.

More Definitions of Jackpot Game

Jackpot Game means a lottery game [whose] where the top prize amount varies depending on amounts wagered and on whether the top prize [is] was won in the preceding drawing.

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