Irrevocably definition

Irrevocably means that the guarantee must contain no clause that would allow the guarantor unilaterally to cancel the guarantee; and
Irrevocably means that the application of the proceeds in or towards discharge of the Senior Credit Agreement Liabilities is not subject to legal challenge by the liquidator or equivalent insolvency officer of the Concessionaire or any third party. The Concessionaire shall pay to the Grantor, or procure the payment to the Grantor of, any such proceeds of insurance received by the Concessionaire, any Affiliates of the Concessionaire or any Lender after the date on which any payment is made by the Grantor pursuant to Clause 37.6 and, without prejudice to any of the foregoing, the Concessionaire undertakes to pursue diligently any claim it may have under any of its insurances which may give rise to a deduction or a payment to the Grantor under this Clause 37.7A.

Examples of Irrevocably in a sentence

  • Irrevocably direct the escrow agent under the master settlement agreement to transfer the TSRs directly to the authority or its assignee.

  • Irrevocably committed funds may not be withdrawn from your funding account or committed to other Projects, unless we abandon or withdraw the offering of the series of LROs (or terminate or suspend our offering generally), each as described above.

  • Irrevocably undertake to comply with each and every rule and regulation as set out in the Code as may be applicable to a contractor, the contractor’s sub-contractor, supplier, service provider and/or any person and/or any entity undertaking work or services for and/or on behalf of the contractor at and/or on any premises situated within and/or on the Kelderhof Country Village (hereinafter referred to as “The Contractor’s Agents”); 3.

  • SECURITYHOLDER’S ACCEPTANCE Irrevocably accepted and agreed this 5th day of December, 2011.

  • Irrevocably submits to the non-exclusive general jurisdiction of the courts of the State of Maryland and, if a basis for federal jurisdiction exists at any time, the courts of the United States of America for the District of Maryland.

  • By: /s/ Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Name: Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Title: Chief Financial Officer Irrevocably accepted and agreed to this 21st day of September, 2012.

  • Choice of Topic and Subtopic – Each grant application must be submitted to only one topic and, within the topic, to only one subtopic.

  • As of the FirstMerit record date, there were 166,462,448 shares of FirstMerit common stock outstanding and entitled to vote at the FirstMerit special meeting held by approximately 39,334 holders of record.

  • Each Of The Parties Hereto Irrevocably Waives Trial By Jury In Any Action Or Proceeding With Respect To This Amendment Or Any Other Loan Document.

  • Irrevocably elect to participate in the DROP and retire at a date no more than 5 years in the future with a pension based on AFC and service at date of election to participate in the DROP.

More Definitions of Irrevocably

Irrevocably means that the Guarantors can’t revoke their Guarantee at a later date. “on a joint and several basis” means that any person owed money under the Guarantee may pursue the obligation against all the Guarantors together, or any one Guarantor as if that Guarantor were liable for the whole guaranteed amount. Their obligations in that regard are contained in the Trust Deed. B.19/B.1 Legal and commercial name: IPF Holdings Limited. B.19/B.2 Domicile, Legal Form, Country of Incorporation and Legislation under which the Guarantor Operates: IPF Holdings Limited is a private limited company incorporated and registered in England and Wales on 29 October 1980 under the Companies Act 1948 as a company limited by shares with registered number 01525242. B.19/B.4b Known Trends Affecting the Guarantor and its Industry: The companies in the Issuer’s corporate Group operate in the international home credit market, which tends to be affected by various changes and fluctuations. These include fluctuations in the cost of obtaining capital, changes in political, economic and financial market conditions, fluctuations in interest and currency exchange rates and changes in governmental regulations, legislation and industry standards. However, there are no known and specific trends currently affecting IPF Holdings Limited or the industry in which it operates. B.19/B.5 Group Position: IPF Holdings Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Issuer and parent company to IPF Financial Services Limited and International Personal Finance Investments Limited. B.19/B.9 Profit Forecasts: No profit forecast or estimate is made in relation to IPF Holdings Limited and the audit reports thereon are without qualification. B.19/B.10 Description of any Qualifications in the Audit Report on the Historical Financial Information: See paragraph B.10 above.Not applicable. No qualifications were made in the audit reports on the historical financial information of the Issuer (on a consolidated basis). B.19/B.12 Key Historical Financial Information: See paragraph B.12 above.Financial data has been extracted without material adjustment from the Issuer’s consolidated audited historical financial information for the financial years ended 31 December 2014 and 31 December 2013. B.19/B.13 Description of Recent Events Material to the Guarantor’s Solvency: Not applicable. There have been no recent events material to IPF Holdings Limited’s solvency.

Related to Irrevocably

  • hereby, hereunder," "hereof," "hereinbefore," "hereinafter" and other equivalent words refer to the Pooling and Servicing Agreement as a whole. All references herein to Articles, Sections or Subsections shall mean the corresponding Articles, Sections and Subsections in the Pooling and Servicing Agreement. The definitions set forth herein include both the singular and the plural.

  • Non-Cooperative Jurisdiction means any foreign country that has been designated as noncooperative with international anti-money laundering principles or procedures by an intergovernmental group or organization, such as the Financial Task Force on Money Laundering, of which the U.S. is a member and with which designation the U.S. representative to the group or organization continues to concur;

  • The judge means the judge or the substitute judge of the juvenile and domestic relations district

  • Alternative Judgment means a form of final judgment that may be entered by the Court but in a form other than the form of Judgment provided for in this Stipulation and where none of the Parties hereto elects to terminate this Settlement by reason of such variance.

  • Home jurisdiction means the jurisdiction that issued the driver's license of the traffic violator.

  • Base jurisdiction means the member jurisdiction, selected in accordance with the plan, to which an applicant applies for apportioned registration under the plan or the member jurisdiction that issues apportioned registration to a registrant under the plan.

  • Waive means an eligible employee affirmatively declining en- rollment in PEBB medical because the employee is enrolled in other em- ployer-based group medical, a TRICARE plan, or medicare as allowed un- der WAC 182-12-128, or is on approved educational leave and obtains another employer-based group health plan as allowed under WAC 182-12-136.

  • Reference Jurisdiction means, in respect of the Reference Currency, the country (or countries of the currency block) for which the Reference Currency is the lawful currency.

  • Original Jurisdiction means, in relation to an Obligor, the jurisdiction under whose laws that Obligor is incorporated as at the date of this Agreement or, in the case of an Additional Obligor, as at the date on which that Additional Obligor becomes Party as a Borrower or a Guarantor (as the case may be).

  • Objection means any objection, application, motion, complaint or any other legal proceeding seeking, in whole or in part, to Disallow, determine, liquidate, classify, reclassify or establish the priority, expunge, subordinate or estimate any Claim (including the resolution of any request for payment of any Administrative Claim) or Interest other than a Claim or an Interest that is Allowed.

  • Youth court means the court established pursuant to this chapter to hear all proceedings in

  • Execution Venue means the entity with which client orders, assets or securities are placed and/or to which the Company transmits Client’s orders for execution.

  • Specified Courts has the meaning set forth in Section 8(g).

  • Alternate Judgment means a form of final judgment that may be entered by the Court herein but in a form other than the form of Judgment provided for in this Stipulation.

  • civil proceedings means any proceedings in or before any court or tribunal that are not criminal proceedings;

  • Venue means the premises as delineated and shown edged red in Annex A.

  • New York Courts shall have the meaning set forth in Section 9(d).

  • Action or Proceeding means any action, suit, proceeding, arbitration, Order, inquiry, hearing, assessment with respect to fines or penalties, or litigation (whether civil, criminal, administrative, investigative or informal) commenced, brought, conducted or heard by or before, or otherwise involving, any Governmental or Regulatory Authority.

  • Restorative justice means practices, policies, and programs informed by and sensitive to the needs of crime victims that are designed to encourage offenders to accept responsibility for repairing the harm caused by their offense by providing safe and supportive opportunities for voluntary participation and communication between the victim, the offender, their families, and relevant community members;

  • Actions or Proceedings means any action, suit, proceeding, arbitration or Governmental or Regulatory Authority investigation or audit.

  • Eligible Jurisdiction means any of the Republic of the Xxxxxxxx Islands, the United States of America, any State of the United States or the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, the Republic of Liberia, the Republic of Panama, the Commonwealth of Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands, the Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx, xxx Xxxx xx Xxx, Xxxxxx, Xxxxxx, Xxxxxx, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, Malta, any Member State of the European Union and any other jurisdiction generally acceptable to institutional lenders in the shipping industry, as determined in good faith by the Company.

  • Consents means all filings and all licenses, permits, consents, approvals, authorizations, qualifications and orders of Governmental Bodies and other third parties, domestic or foreign, necessary to carry on any Borrower’s business or necessary (including to avoid a conflict or breach under any agreement, instrument, other document, license, permit or other authorization) for the execution, delivery or performance of this Agreement, the Other Documents, including any Consents required under all applicable federal, state or other Applicable Law.

  • Applicable Jurisdiction means the jurisdiction or jurisdictions under which the Borrower is organized, domiciled or resident or from which any of its business activities are conducted or in which any of its properties are located and which has jurisdiction over the subject matter being addressed.

  • Intentionally means that the person referred to has a purpose to do or fail to do the act or cause the result specified or believes that the act or failure to act, if successful, will cause that result. A person "intentionally" violates a statute:

  • Grants means subsidies, aid, or payments to local governments, to community and quasi-public agencies for providing local services, and to persons who are not wards of the State for services or supplies and means cash or other direct assistance, including pension contributions.

  • Courts or “Trial Court(s)” means one or more of the fifty-eight (58) superior courts in the California state trial court system.