Internet Technologies definition

Internet Technologies means technologies using one or more computer networks that utilize TCP/IP, IP or other architecture or that uses computer terminals, terminal servers, routers, multicasting technology or other data processing or transmission device (regardless of transmission speed experienced by the end user) whether via cable, wire, wireless, set-top boxes or other technology, regardless of the end-user's viewing device. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, "Internet Technologies" shall include, without limitation, the Internet as presently configured and all modifications and additions thereto and substitutions thereof (including, without limitation, the Internet II) whether using means, methods, processes media or technology now known or later developed. It is specifically acknowledged and agreed that Internet Technologies shall include the right to "download," "stream" and/or "pre-cache" (as such terms are used in the Internet industry) programming, whether at a time determined by EchoStar, the Subscriber or any third party.

Examples of Internet Technologies in a sentence

Action’s operations were located at the facilities of Mohawk Internet Technologies Inc.

During 2002, Action moved its operations from its location in Antigua to the facilities of Mohawk Internet Technologies Inc.

The date of the filing of its original Certificate of Incorporation (the "Original Certificate of Incorporation") with the Secretary of State of the State of Delaware was August 2, 1996, under the name of Internet Technologies China Incorporated.

Burton, Jr., at 89-91, 154-56, Exhibit 49 (IT Services Agreement); Deposition of Bernard Gomez, at 84, Exhibit 4 (Articles of Organization of Huntsville Internet Technologies, LLC).

Containing 24.47 acres more or less and being the property of Advanced Internet Technologies.