International Operations definition

International Operations means the Company's retail stores which offer food and everyday consumer goods and services to rural communities and urban neighbourhoods in Alaska, the South Pacific and the Caribbean. It also includes the Company's wholesale and distribution operations outside of Canada;
International Operations means the Companies' business operations, assets, and properties located outside of the United States of America and Canada including all International Subsidiaries other than Subsidiaries organized under the laws of any province or territory of Canada.
International Operations means all duty, flying and deadheading not specifically defined as domestic operations.

Examples of International Operations in a sentence

  • Xxx Xxxxxxxxx, V.P. International Operations Enterprise Florida, Inc.

  • You may also encounter references to the legacy Refugee Affairs Division (RAD) and the legacy International Operations Division (IO).

  • Xxx Xxxxxxxxx, V.P. International Operations, who can be reached at +0-000-000-0000.

  • Salman Ahmed Usmani has an extensive experience of over 28 years in both the multinational and local banking sector, with expertise in Treasury and Risk Management, Asset and Liability Management, Strategic Planning, Corporate Restructuring, Strategic Negotiations, Acquisitions and Strategic Alliances and International Operations.

  • Changes in Allowance for Loan and Lease Losses RI-B-6 Schedule RI-D – Income from International Operations (FFIEC 031 only) RI-D-1 Schedule RI-E – Explanations RI-E-1LINE ITEM INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE CONSOLIDATED REPORT OF CONDITIONSchedule RC – Balance SheetSchedule RC-A – Cash and Balances Due from Depository InstitutionsRC-1RC-A-1Schedule RC-B – SecuritiesRC-B-1Schedule RC-C – Loans and Lease Financing ReceivablesPart I.

More Definitions of International Operations

International Operations means the operations of the Debtors and their Subsidiaries outside of the United States.
International Operations means the Companies' business operations, assets, and properties located outside of the United States of America including all International Subsidiaries.
International Operations are defined as any flight conducted by the Company which is assigned to the International subdivision in which any segment takes off or lands outside the contiguous forty-eight (48) states, Mexico and Canada, with the exception of the Military Airlift Command Operation.
International Operations means operations other than North American Operations. Charterer will commit to and guarantee a minimum of 100 charter flight hours (“Flying Hours”) for either North American Operations or International Operations during the Term. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Charterer shall be able to charter the Aircraft for any amount of time beyond 100 Flying Hours subject to Aircraft availability and Carrier agrees to make reasonable best efforts to make such Aircraft available when required by Charterer. When scheduling any charter flight in accordance with Section 2.3 hereof, Charterer shall confirm the duration of the proposed North American Operations or International Operations and shall guarantee Carrier in advance, as mutually agreed between the parties, a minimum amount of Flying Hours, whether those Flying Hours are used by Charterer or not. Charterer agrees that Carrier shall be its exclusive provider of charter flights during the Term in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement, unless Carrier is unable to provide Charterer with an Aircraft when required.
International Operations means the Fund’s operations under the tradenames; AC Value Centres, Cost- U-Less, Quickstop, Alaska Pacific Wholesale, and Island Fresh Supermarket;
International Operations means the assets or Capital Stock relating to the Company’s operations outside the U.S.
International Operations. The charter rate, fees and additional costs set out in Schedule C hereto.