Definition of Interim Trustee

Interim Trustee means the trustee(s) appointed pursuant to Paragraph III. of this order, as applicable.

Examples of Interim Trustee in a sentence

The Interim Trustee may, but shall not be obligated to, enter into any such amendment which affects the Interim Trustees own rights, duties or immunities under this Agreement or otherwise.
The Interim Trustee on behalf of the Purchaser shall be entitled to all moneys accrued and paid on such Eligible Loans on and after the applicable Cutoff Date.
The Seller shall provide a blanket endorsement transferring the entire interest of the Seller in the related Eligible Loans to the Interim Trustee for the benefit of the Purchaser with the form of endorsement provided for in the related Purchase Agreement.
Promptly after the execution of any such amendment or consent (or, in the case of the Rating Agencies, five Business Days prior thereto), the Interim Trustee shall furnish written notification of the substance of such amendment or consent to the Indenture Trustee, and each of the Rating Agencies.
Prior to the execution of any amendment to these Master Sale Terms, the Interim Trustee shall be entitled to receive and rely upon an Opinion of Counsel stating that execution of such amendment is authorized or permitted by this Purchase Agreement and the Opinion of Counsel referred to in Section 7.01(i) of the Administration Agreement.