Definition of Interim Supply Agreement

Interim Supply Agreement means that certain Interim Supply Agreement by and between Supplier and Importer, and to be executed at the Closing, substantially in the form attached hereto as Exhibit A.

Examples of Interim Supply Agreement in a sentence

CBI shall cause the Importer to execute the Interim Supply Agreement, and the Buyer Parties shall deliver an executed copy of the Interim Supply Agreement to ABI in accordance with Section 3.3.
The Shares, when taken together with the services to be provided under the Transition Services Agreement, the license granted by the License Agreement, the supply to be provided by the Interim Supply Agreement, and the assets, properties and rights held by the Companies to which the Shares relate, constitute all the assets, properties and rights necessary to carry on the business as currently conducted by the CCC Company at the Plant Property in all material respects.
In determining whether it would be appropriate for the United States to consent to modify the firewall, the United States, in its sole discretion, shall consider the need to protect Acquirer Confidential Information and the impact the firewall has had on Sellers' ability to efficiently provide services, supplies and products under the Transition Services Agreement and the Interim Supply Agreement.
During the term of the Transition Services Agreement and the Interim Supply Agreement, Sellers shall implement and maintain reasonable procedures to prevent Acquirer Confidential Information from being disclosed by or through Sellers to those of Sellers' affiliates who are involved in the marketing, distribution, or sale of Beer in the United States, or to any other person who does not have a need to know the information.
As a member of Bruno's board, Hotarek approved the Cardinal Transaction and the Spin-Off, and as Bruno's CEO, he signed several documents related to the Spin-Off, including the Lease Assignment, the Interim Supply Agreement, and the Transition Services Agreement.