Interconnection Charge definition

Interconnection Charge means the fair and reasonable amount of money that a person shall pay to PREPA for the right to connect his/her facility to the Electric Power Grid.
Interconnection Charge means the standard charge made by the Licensee for the interconnection of a Call, and “interconnection" has the same meaning as in the Interconnection Regulations;
Interconnection Charge means the price charged by a network owner to another operator for the purpose of interconnecting to the network

Examples of Interconnection Charge in a sentence

  • The Residual Interconnection Charge (RIC), if any, will be billed by the Party providing the End Office function.

  • This composite rate includes the elements traditionally billed as Transport Interconnection Charge and Information Surcharge.

  • For originating or terminating access traffic at a company operated end office, the Residual Interconnection Charge is calculated by multiplying that rate times the number of originating and terminating access minutes that are switched at the end office.

  • For terminating its toll traffic on the other company’s network, each party will pay BellSouth's current intrastate terminating switched access rate, inclusive of the Interconnection Charge and the Carrier Common Line rate elements of the switched access rate.

  • End Office access service, or its functional equivalent, includes the following rate elements: Local Switching--Originating, Local Switching—Terminating, Common Trunk Port, Interconnection Charge, Information Surcharge, and Dedicated Trunk Port charges.

  • The Local Transport Rate Category includes five classifications of rate elements: (1) Entrance Facility, (2) Direct Trunked Transport,(3) Tandem Switched Transport, (4) Interconnection Charge, and(5) Multiplexing.

  • Interconnection Charge for Non-Variable Utility ExpensesThe QS shall bear the cost required for interconnection, including the metering.

  • Table 9-D Interconnection Charge Rates For Individual Customers with Half Hour Metering the Interconnection Charges are based on the loading or demand of the customer coincident with the grid maximum demands.

  • The Interconnection Charge of the end office Telephone Company will apply.

  • Transport Service rates are made up of a Transport Interconnection Charge, a Transport Termination rate which is assessed on a per transmission path per access minute basis, and a Transport Mileage rate assessed on a per mile per access minute basis.

More Definitions of Interconnection Charge

Interconnection Charge means the charge for interconnection levied by an interconnection provider on an interconnection seeker.
Interconnection Charge means the charges payable by one service provider to another service provider for interconnection;
Interconnection Charge means the charge for interconnection by an interconnection provider to an interconnection seeker.
Interconnection Charge means the fair and reasonable amount of money that a person shall

Related to Interconnection Charge

  • Interconnection means a connection between two or more individual Transmission Systems that normally operate in synchronism and have interconnecting intertie(s).

  • Interconnection Point means the point(s) of connection(s) at which the project is connected to the grid i.e. it shall be at 11 / 22 kV bus bar level of substation of MSEDCL.

  • Interconnection Facilities means the Transmission Owner Interconnection Facilities and the Customer Interconnection Facilities.

  • Interconnection Agreement means an agreement between Seller and the Interconnecting Utility and ISO-NE, as applicable, regarding the interconnection of the Facility to the Transmission System of the Interconnecting Utility, as the same may be amended from time to time.