Definition of Interconnection Charge

Interconnection Charge means the fair and reasonable amount of money that a person shall pay to PREPA for the right to connect his/her facility to the Electric Power Grid.

Examples of Interconnection Charge in a sentence

DA Interconnection Charge - per call $.000 Rates contained in this transmittal are subject to subsequent adjustment, effective retrospectively, in the event the Commission or a court subsequently authorizes SNET to correct its rates pursuant to pending motions, or petitions for reconsideration or waiver, or in the event of any other adjustment to an order of the Commission or a court.
The DA Interconnection Charge is assessed to all customers who interconnect with the Telephone Company's DA locations and is applied on a per DA call basis.
There are three rate categories which apply to Directory Assistance service: (N) - DA Service Call - DA Transport - DA Interconnection Charge In addition, Switched Access nonrecurring charges may apply as specified in 6.3.1.
Commercial Customers shall pay the Replacement Costs, less net salvage, when equipment covered in the Customer's Interconnection Charge needs to be replaced.
The Commission also shifted the cost of line ports from per-minute local switching charges to the common line category and established a mechanism to phase out the per-minute Transport Interconnection Charge (TIC).