Installs definition

Installs means placing an alarm device in a residential or commercial location and includes demonstrating the use of an alarm system device for a specific location and function within the protected premises and, with such knowledge of the alarm system operation, delivering that device to the owner or operator of the protected premises.
Installs means activity or work which involves the set‑up, installation, or connection of alarm system equipment in any manner to a client's property.
Installs means placing an alarm device in a residential or commercial location and includes

Examples of Installs in a sentence

  • The Interconnecting Customer shall furnish and install, if not already in place, the necessary meter socket and wiring in accordance with accepted electrical standards.7.2. Company Installs Meter.

  • Installs, repairs, maintains, tests, modifies, commissions and/or fault-finds complex machinery and equipment which utilises hydraulic and/or pneumatic principles and, in the course of such work, reads and understands hydraulic and pneumatic circuitry which controls fluid power systems.

  • Installs, maintains, moves, and assists in testing and upgrading new and existing hardware/software.Reviews and recommends procurement of information technology equipment.

  • Installs equipment to facilitate or improve energy conservation or energy efficiency, including heating and cooling equipment and solar thermal equipment.

  • Installs fire protection systems and fixtures, fire extinguishers, emergency lights and lighted fire exit signs.

  • Installs mirrors or structural glass on building fronts, walls, ceilings, or tables, using mastic, screws, or decorative molding.

  • Installs cabling for networks such as LANs and WANs. Attaches, detaches, or exchanges LAN cabling to workstations, servers, network devices, telecommunications and data communications equipment.

  • Installs, provisions, tests, troubleshoots, splices and maintains high-speed fiber optic transmission infrastructure and equipment.

  • Installs pre-assembled framework for windows or doors designed to be fitted with glass panels, including stained glass windows, using hand tools.

  • The associated depreciation for the period on those assets was £933k (2015: £1,026k).

Related to Installs

  • Install means the complete installation of any item, equipment or material.

  • Telecommunications Equipment means equipment, other than Customer Premises Equipment, used by a Carrier to provide Telecommunications Services, and include software integral to such equipment, including upgrades.

  • Antenna means communications equipment that transmits or receives electromagnetic radio frequency signals used in the provision of wireless services.

  • Communications Equipment means, as to any Site, all equipment now or hereafter installed at (i) the T-Mobile Collocation Space with respect to T-Mobile Collocator and (ii) any other portion of the Site with respect to a Tower Subtenant, for the provision of current or future communication services, including voice, video, internet and other data services. Such equipment shall include switches, antennas, including microwave antennas, panels, conduits, flexible transmission lines, Cables, radios, amplifiers, filters, interconnect transmission equipment and all associated software and hardware, and will include any modifications, replacements and upgrades to such equipment.

  • Installed means attached such that removal requires tools.

  • Installer means an employee engaged in the fitting, fixing and installing of blinds of all types including venetian blinds, and awnings,

  • Installations means all property of any kind paid for by Landlord, all Alterations, all fixtures, and all partitions, hardware, built-in machinery, built-in casework and cabinets and other similar additions, equipment, property and improvements built into the Premises so as to become an integral part of the Premises, including, without limitation, fume hoods which penetrate the roof or plenum area, built-in cold rooms, built-in warm rooms, walk-in cold rooms, walk-in warm rooms, deionized water systems, glass washing equipment, autoclaves, chillers, built-in plumbing, electrical and mechanical equipment and systems, and any power generator and transfer switch.

  • Installation Works means, as the context so requires,

  • Installation means that the System or a Subsystem as specified in the Contract is ready for Commissioning as provided in GCC Clause 26 (Installation).

  • Electrical equipment means underground equipment that contains dielectric fluid that is necessary for the operation of equipment such as transformers and buried electrical cable.

  • Installation Site means the site at which the Product is originally installed.

  • Building system means plans, specifications and documentation for a system of manufactured factory-built structures or buildings or for a type or a system of building components, including but not limited to: structural, electrical, mechanical, fire protection, or plumbing systems, and including such variations thereof as are specifically permitted by regulation, and which variations are submitted as part of the building system or amendment thereof.

  • Network Area means the 50 mile radius around the local school campus the Named Insured is attending.

  • Installation Work means the construction and installation of the System and the Start-up, testing and acceptance (but not the operation and maintenance) thereof; all performed by or for the Power Producer at the Premises.

  • HVAC means heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

  • Roof means a non-porous cover for a structure such as (by way of example and not limitation) Lexan barriers or shingles but not a shade trellis, ivy or other open or porous material that may also be used as a cover.

  • Riser means a watertight vertical cylinder and lid allowing access to an OWTS component for inspection, cleaning, maintenance, or sampling.

  • Generator means a device that produces electricity.

  • Signage means advertising displays, hoardings, Glow signs, neon signs, LED signs, LCD signs, any digital signs, any sort of display intended to convey information and described in the schedule.

  • Passenger area means the area designed to seat the driver and passengers while a motor vehicle is in operation and any area that is readily accessible to the driver or a passenger while in his or her seating position, including but not limited to any type of glove or storage compartment accessible to passengers or driver.

  • Plumbing system means water supply distribution and disposal piping on the premises, including appliances and equipment attached thereto, between their connection points to a public or private system.

  • Upgrades means all new versions and releases of, and bug fixes, error corrections, Workarounds, updates, upgrades, modifications, patches for, the Licensed Software, Deliverables, Documentation, or any other portion of the Work.

  • Satellite means any satellite owned by the Issuer or any of its Restricted Subsidiaries and any satellite purchased by the Issuer or any of its Restricted Subsidiaries pursuant to the terms of a Satellite Purchase Agreement, whether such satellite is in the process of manufacture, has been delivered for launch or is in orbit (whether or not in operational service).

  • electrical installation means an electrical installation as defined in the Regulations;

  • Building site means a plot of land held for building purposes, whether any building is actually erected thereupon or not, and includes the open ground or courtyard enclosed by, or adjacent to, any building erected thereupon;

  • Customer Premises Equipment or "CPE" means equipment employed on the premises of a Person other than a Carrier to originate, route or terminate Telecommunications (e.g., a telephone, PBX, modem pool, etc.).