Infrastructure Service definition

Infrastructure Service means the provision of the Developer Works and the BT Works, as applicable;
Infrastructure Service means each of the following services as described in Schedule 4 of this Licence: (i) Navigational Infrastructure Service; and (ii) Surveillance Infrastructure Service.“Reference to Members”means a reference by the CAA to the Members pursuant to the Civil Aviation Authority Regulations 1991, or such other legislative instrument as may supersede the Civil Aviation Authority Regulations1991 in this respect, of the question whether or not the CAA should make a reference to the Competition and Markets Authority under Section 12 of the Act in respect of the matters considered under this Condition (on which question a written decision by the Members shall be definitive).

Examples of Infrastructure Service in a sentence

  • Following the Approval Date, QR Network will consult with Access Holders, Access Seekers, their Customers, and any affected Infrastructure Service Providers, in relation to how the revenue cap adjustment provisions in this Undertaking for the Central Queensland Coal Region might be amended to provide an incentive framework that provides QR Network with an incentive to operate, and invest in, the Rail Infrastructure efficiently and to do so in a way that promotes efficiency of a coal supply chain.

  • When developing the initial System Rules for an Individual Coal System, QR Network will consult with Access Holders, Railway Operators and Access Seekers whose Train Services will be affected by the System Rules, and any affected Infrastructure Service Providers, in relation to the introduction of the System Rules.

  • In using the One-Time Charging Service and One-Time Infrastructure Service the End User agrees that it will adhere to all instructions applicable to and in connection with the charging and Services, namely, both the instructions stipulated by Allego and any applicable statutory safety or other requirements.

  • For the charging, alongside the fee charged by Allego for One-Time Infrastructure Service, Allego also requires a fee for the One-Time Charging Service.

  • There is also an option to collect the payment by direct debit: the costs for the One-Time Charging Service and One-Time Infrastructure Service will then be deducted, via the authorised Payment Service Provider, on the basis of a direct debit authorisation, from the bank account stipulated by the End User as identified on the direct debit authorisation.

  • For the One-Time Infrastructure Service Allego charges a fee consisting of one or more of the following components: • fixed starting fee (amount depends on the location and charge voltage used); • variable charge fee (hourly fee or kWh fee) (amount may depend on the location and charge voltage used); • any applicable transaction costs, depending on the method of payment; • any applicable connection costs, for the time that the Electric Vehicle is not being charged but is connected to the Charge Point.

  • The Developer shall indemnify BT against all loss, damages, costs, liabilities and expenses arising or incurred in respect of any actions, claims or legal proceedings which are brought or threatened against BT by a third party if the Infrastructure Service or BT Equipment is used in breach of clauses 8.1 and 8.2 above.

  • The parties agree to keep in confidence any information (whether written or oral) of a confidential nature obtained under or in connection with this Contract or the Infrastructure Service.

  • If BT notifies the Developer or if the Developer is aware that it or any third party has used the Infrastructure Service or BT Equipment in breach of clause 8.1 then the Developer will take all reasonable steps to co-operate with BT and disconnect any connected services and/or equipment immediately.

  • Unless agreed otherwise in writing by BT, the Developer must not connect any equipment to the Infrastructure Service or the BT Equipment.

More Definitions of Infrastructure Service

Infrastructure Service means access, or a service provided in relation to access, to water service infrastructure and includes the storage, delivery, drainage and taking of water.
Infrastructure Service. An Interconnection, or possibility of Use given to another Licensee, to a Franchisee or to a broadcast Licensee;A16
Infrastructure Service means the compute capacity, data storage, data transmission, network and related infrastructure services made available by an infrastructure service provider.
Infrastructure Service means certain services that are shared by numerous Use Cases. Network Infrastructure Services include, but are not limited to, Active Care Relationship Service (ACRS), Health Provider Directory (HPD), Statewide Consumer Directory (SCD), and the Medical Information DIrect GATEway (MIDIGATE®).
Infrastructure Service allowing another Licensee or a Broadcasting Licensee to use the Network for the purpose of conducting telecommunications operations, including broadcasting, and for the purpose of their provision of Telecommunications Services; “The Licensee’s Services” - the services that the Licensee is permitted to provide pursuant to the License;

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