Informative definition

Informative means that people learn about products or characteristics through advertisements, but whithout changing preferences (ads are not persuasive). In the literature, many other effects of advertisements on consumers are considered, most recently in the field of behavorial economics. For an overview on the economics of advertising, see Bagwell (2007).

Examples of Informative in a sentence

  • A full list of all the policies used in the consideration of this application is provided as Informative 1 in Appendix 1 of this report.

  • Notwithstanding the above, the Draft London Plan (2017) remains a material planning consideration, with relevant polices referenced within the report below and a summary within Informative 1.

  • Test instruments shall meet or exceed applicable requirements in TIA/EIA-568-B.2. Perform tests with a tester that complies with performance requirements in "Test Instruments (Normative)" Annex, complying with measurement accuracy specified in "Measurement Accuracy (Informative)" Annex.

  • That the reasons for granting listed building consent as set out in Informative 1 of the draft decision letter be agreed.

  • That the reasons for granting planning permission as set out in Informative 1 of the draft decision letter be agreed.

  • The Draft London Plan is a material planning consideration that holds significant weight in determining planning applications, with relevant polices referenced within the report below and a summary within Informative 1.

  • At the hearing, any person may present statements or arguments, orally or in writing, relevant to the proposed action described in the Informative Digest.

  • Informative Note: As indicated in Section 1120, the Energy Code applies to industrial facilities, as well as commercial and industrial processes.

  • Informative materials will have to be prepared and distributed within the sub-project areas before the meetings.

  • Informative disclosures in the financial statements are to be regarded as reasonably adequate unless otherwise stated in the report.

Related to Informative

  • Information has the meaning specified in Section 10.07.

  • Informant means an individual(s), who voluntarily submits to the Board a Voluntary Information Disclosure Form relating to an alleged violation of insider trading laws that has occurred, is occurring or has a reasonable belief that it is about to occur, in a manner provided under these regulations, regardless of whether such individual(s) satisfies the requirements, procedures and conditions to qualify for a reward;

  • voting information means postal voting information and/or e-voting information 1.2 Other expressions used in these rules and in Schedule 7 to the NHS Act 2006 have the same meaning in these rules as in that Schedule.

  • Information Resources means any and all computer printouts, online display devices, mass storage media, and all computer-related activities involving any device capable of receiving email, browsing Web sites, or otherwise capable of receiving, storing, managing, or transmitting Data including, but not limited to, mainframes, servers, Network Infrastructure, personal computers, notebook computers, hand-held computers, personal digital assistant (PDA), pagers, distributed processing systems, network attached and computer controlled medical and laboratory equipment (i.e. embedded technology), telecommunication resources, network environments, telephones, fax machines, printers and service bureaus. Additionally, it is the procedures, equipment, facilities, software, and Data that are designed, built, operated, and maintained to create, collect, record, process, store, retrieve, display, and transmit information.

  • Listing Information means a CBB Customer’s primary name, address (including city, state and zip code), telephone number(s), the delivery address and number of directories to be delivered, and, in the case of a business Customer, the primary business heading under which the business Customer desires to be placed, and any other information Verizon deems necessary for the publication and delivery of directories.

  • Private information means **personal information in combination with any one or more of the following data elements, when either the personal information or the data element is not encrypted or encrypted with an encryption key that has also been acquired:

  • Transparency Information means the content of this Contract in its entirety, including from time to time agreed changes to the Contract, and details of any payments made by the Authority to the Contractor under the Contract;

  • Disseminate when referring to a notice or other information to be sent by the Depositary to Owners, shall mean (i) sending that information to Owners in paper form by mail or another means or (ii) with the consent of Owners, another procedure that has the effect of making the information available to Owners, which may include (A) sending the information by electronic mail or electronic messaging or (B) sending in paper form or by electronic mail or messaging a statement that the information is available and may be accessed by the Owner on an Internet website and that it will be sent in paper form upon request by the Owner, when that information is so available and is sent in paper form as promptly as practicable upon request.

  • Information Materials has the meaning given that term in Section 9.6.

  • Program Information means all non-public Fund or CMA information provided to Supplier for the purposes of Supplier’s provision of Services hereunder, including, without limitation, data entered into Supplier’s system or those systems of its Subcontractors.

  • Keeping information confidential means using discretion in disclosing information as well as guarding against unlawful or inappropriate access by others. This includes:

  • User Information means information about a User made available to you in connection with such User’s request for and use of Transportation Services, which may include the User’s name, pick-up location, contact information and photo.

  • Inside Information means any information relating to any Competition or Event that a Relevant Person possesses by virtue of his or position within the Sport. Such information includes, but is not limited to, factual information regarding the competitors in the Competition or Event, tactical considerations or any other aspect of the Competition or Event but does not include such information that is already published or a matter of public record, readily acquired by an interested member of the public, or disclosed according to the rules and regulations governing the relevant Competition or Event.

  • information folder means the complete folder, including the information document, file, data, drawings, photographs, and so on, supplied by the applicant, it being permissible to supply the information folder in the form of an electronic file;

  • Pool Information means the information with respect to the characteristics of the Mortgage Loans and administrative and servicing fees, as provided by or on behalf of the Depositor to the Underwriter at the time most recent to the date of such Free Writing Prospectus.

  • Member Information means the share, deposit, loan account balances, or other information related to any member of a domestic credit union maintained in any form.

  • Informality means a minor defect or variation of a bid or proposal from the exact requirements of

  • Staffing Information means, in relation to all persons identified on the Supplier's Provisional Personnel List or Supplier's Final Personnel List, as the case may be, such information as the Customer may reasonably request (subject to all applicable provisions of the DPA), but including in an anonymised format: their ages, dates of commencement of employment or engagement and gender; details of whether they are employed, self employed contractors or consultants, agency workers or otherwise; the identity of the employer or relevant contracting party; their relevant contractual notice periods and any other terms relating to termination of employment, including redundancy procedures, and redundancy payments; their wages, salaries and profit sharing arrangements as applicable; details of other employment-related benefits, including (without limitation) medical insurance, life assurance, pension or other retirement benefit schemes, share option schemes and company car schedules applicable to them; any outstanding or potential contractual, statutory or other liabilities in respect of such individuals (including in respect of personal injury claims); details of any such individuals on long term sickness absence, parental leave, maternity leave or other authorised long term absence; copies of all relevant documents and materials relating to such information, including copies of relevant contracts of employment (or relevant standard contracts if applied generally in respect of such employees); and any other “employee liability information” as such term is defined in regulation 11 of the Employment Regulations;

  • Information Provider means the person or organisation providing the Information under this licence.

  • contact information means information to enable an individual at a place of business to be contacted and includes the name, position name or title, business telephone number, business address, business email or business fax number of the individual;

  • Dissemination means the disclosure of foreground by any appropriate means other than that resulting from the formalities for protecting it, and including the publication of foreground in any medium;

  • Authority's Confidential Information means all Personal Data and any information, however it is conveyed, that relates to the business, affairs, developments, trade secrets, know-how, personnel, and suppliers of the Authority, including all IPRs, together with all information derived from any of the above, and any other information clearly designated as being confidential (whether or not it is marked "confidential") or which ought reasonably be considered to be confidential;

  • Investigative information means information, records, and documents received or generated by a physical therapy licensing board pursuant to an investigation.

  • Business Confidential Information or "BCI" means any business information regardless of whether contained in a document provided by a public or private body that a Party or Third Party has "Designated as BCI" because it is not otherwise available in the public domain and its disclosure could, in the Party's or Third Party's view, cause harm to the originators of the information. Each Party and Third Party shall act in good faith and exercise restraint in designating information as BCI, and will endeavour to designate information as BCI only if its disclosure would cause harm to the originators of the information.

  • Confidential personal information means a party’s or a party’s child’s Social Security number; date of birth; driver license number; former legal names; and employer’s name, address, and telephone number.

  • Company Information at any given time shall mean the Private Placement Memorandum together with, to the extent applicable, (i) the Issuer’s most recent report on Form 10-K filed with the SEC and each report on Form 10-Q or 8-K filed by the Issuer with the SEC since the most recent Form 10-K, (ii) the Issuer’s most recent annual audited financial statements and each interim financial statement or report prepared subsequent thereto, if not included in item (i) above, (iii) the Issuer’s and its affiliates’ other publicly available recent reports, including, but not limited to, any publicly available filings or reports provided to their respective shareholders, (iv) any other information or disclosure prepared pursuant to Section 4.3 hereof and (v) any information prepared or approved by the Issuer for dissemination to investors or potential investors in the Notes.