Informational hearing definition

Informational hearing means a hearing conducted under s. 227.18.
Informational hearing means a hearing which is not required by law to be held, but which is held for the purpose of informing he public of a proposed Agency action or when the Agency wished to gather information or comments from the public prior to making a final decision on a matter.

Examples of Informational hearing in a sentence

  • The name and telephone number of a person to contact for additional information.(c) Informational hearing.

  • The name and telephone number of a person to contact for additional information.(d) Informational hearing.

  • Informational hearing on HF 2 (Davnie) E12 Omnbius Agreement• Walk through of E12 agreement by House Research• Heather Mueller, Commissioner, MN Department of Education This hearing is informational in nature and therefore no formal action will be taken.

  • Informational hearing to consider the TENTATIVE BUDGET FOR THE TOWN OF CLAY FOR THE YEAR 2019.7:35 p.m. 12.

  • Notice of the meeting shall also be posted in at least five two public places within each member municipality at least 30 and not more than 40 days before the meeting and be filed with the clerk of each member municipality and the clerk of the district District prior to posting.(5) Informational hearing.

  • The immediate interim suspension period cannot exceed 10 calendar days. Informational hearing – the hearing before the president or designee to determine whether or not the immediate interim suspension should remain in place for the entire suspension period before the formal hearing is held.

  • Jonas, Director of the Bureau of Drinking Water and Groundwater, Department of Natu- ral Resources Before the Joint Informational hearing on Groundwater Protection Assembly Committee on Natural Resources Senate Committee on Environment.

  • Title: Informational hearing on Ad Hoc Committee on Unit 6 memorandum of understanding.

  • Doing business as: Alex PizzaLocation: 1252 ‑ 1254 Washington St Roxbury, MA 02118License#: LB‑100414, Notice/Violation#: INFOHEARING, Category: CVICT Date: 12/07/2021Notice: Informational hearing in regards to quality of life issues in violation of M.G.L. ch.

  • A student who denies responsibility retains the right to appeal the decision and/or the sanction(s).2) Schedule a date for a FOTmllJHearing before an appointed hearing officer or body (as detennined by the Academic Dean) or request to continue the Informational hearing by signing a written waiver.

Related to Informational hearing

  • Informal hearing means a meeting between the Division and the licensee when a temporary suspension order has been issued.

  • Commercially Sensitive Information Schedule means the Schedule containing a list of the Commercially Sensitive Information.

  • information folder means the complete folder, including the information document, file, data, drawings, photographs, and so on, supplied by the applicant, it being permissible to supply the information folder in the form of an electronic file;

  • Information Materials has the meaning given that term in Section 9.6.

  • ABS Informational and Computational Material means any written communication as defined in Item 1101(a) of Regulation AB under the 1933 Act and the 1934 Act, as may be amended from time to time.

  • Commercially Sensitive Information means the Information (i) listed in the Commercially Sensitive Information Schedule; or (ii) notified to the Authority in writing (prior to the commencement of this Contract) which has been clearly marked as Commercially Sensitive Information comprised of information:

  • DXC Sensitive Information means DXC Confidential Information, Intellectual Property, PHI, DXC Customer data, and Personal Information.

  • Informant means an individual(s), who voluntarily submits to the Board a Voluntary Information Disclosure Form relating to an alleged violation of insider trading laws that has occurred, is occurring or has a reasonable belief that it is about to occur, in a manner provided under these regulations, regardless of whether such individual(s) satisfies the requirements, procedures and conditions to qualify for a reward;

  • Independent Safeguarding Authority is a non-departmental public body sponsored by the Home Office set up under the provisions of the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006 and which is responsible for the decision making and maintenance of two lists covering the children’s and vulnerable adults’ sectors

  • Prehearing conference means a proceeding scheduled and conduc- ted by a hearing officer to address issues in preparation for a formal administrative hearing.

  • Confidential commercial or financial information means any business information (other than trade secrets) which is exempt from the mandatory disclosure requirement of the Freedom of Information Act, 5 U.S.C. 552. Exemptions from mandatory disclosure which may be applicable to business information contained in proposals include exemption (4), which covers “commercial and financial information obtained from a person and privileged or confidential,” and exemption (9), which covers “geological and geophysical information, including maps, concerning wells.”

  • Comment means the findings and recommendations of the Council for- mally provided in writing to the head of a Federal agency under section 106.

  • Confidential commercial information means records provided to the govern- ment by a submitter that arguably contain material exempt from release under Exemption 4 of the Freedom of Information Act, 5 U.S.C. 552(b)(4), be- cause disclosure could reasonably be expected to cause substantial competi- tive harm.

  • Contractor Commercially Sensitive Information means the information listed in the Contractor Commercial Sensitive Information Annex to the Contract being information notified by the Contractor to the Authority which is acknowledged by the Authority as being commercially sensitive information.

  • Competitively Sensitive Information means information regarding the Corporation or its Affiliates that PEGI determines that one or more Affiliates of PSP could reasonably be expected to use to compete with PEGI. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Agreement (including Section Article 7), in no event shall PSP be entitled to receive Competitively Sensitive Information, and PSP shall, and shall cause its Affiliates to, maintain any Competitively Sensitive Information of which any of their Representatives is or becomes aware in strict confidence; provided that the Corporation shall provide PSP with a commercially reasonable description of the nature of any Competitively Sensitive Information that would otherwise have been provided to PSP but for this ‎Section 9.1(2) and shall use commercially reasonable efforts to provide substitute disclosure to PSP that, to the greatest extent practicable under the circumstances, will enable PSP to assess the applicable opportunity relating to the Corporation or its Affiliates in substantially the same manner as if PSP had full access to such Competitively Sensitive Information and that is otherwise reasonably satisfactory to PSP.

  • Peer-reviewed medical literature means a scientific study published only after having been critically

  • Contractor Sensitive Information means any information provided by the Contractor to the Authority (disregarding any protective marking or assertion of confidentiality) which: is specified as Contractor Sensitive Information in Schedule 7 and has not lost its sensitivity according to the justifications and durations set out in that Schedule; and is exempt information pursuant to sections 33(1) or 36, 38 or 39 of FOISA (having regard for that purpose to the public interest there might be in disclosing such information as referred to in section 2(1)(b) of FOISA).

  • Sensitive Information means controlled unclassified information of a commercial, financial, proprietary, or privileged nature. The term includes technical data and computer software, but does not include information that is lawfully, publicly available without restriction.

  • Information Circular means a completed Form 51-102F5 Information Circular; “informed person” means

  • Criminal history record information means that term as defined in section 1a of 1925 PA 289, MCL 28.241a.

  • Patient Information means information (however recorded) which—

  • Billing information means any data that enables any person to access a customer’s or donor’s account, such as a credit card, checking, savings, share or similar account, utility bill, mort- gage loan account, or debit card.

  • Regulatory Information Service means any information service authorised from time to time by the Financial Conduct Authority for the purpose of disseminating regulatory announcements;

  • Alert means events may occur, are in progress, or have occurred that could lead to a release of radioactive material but that the release is not expected to require a response by off-site response organizations to protect persons off-site.

  • Advertising Materials means any advertising, marketing, merchandising, promotional, public relations (including press releases) and display materials relating to or concerning Licensed Products or proposed Licensed Products, or any other advertising, merchandising, promotional, public relations (including press releases) and display materials depicting any of the Licensed Trademarks. For purposes of this Agreement, Advertising Materials include any advertisements in which the System is referred to or used in any way, including but not limited to giving the System away as prizes in contests or sweepstakes and the public display of the System in product placement opportunities.

  • Ordering Information means (i) a reference to this Agreement; (ii) the Customer's name; (iii) the SAP Cloud Service for which Provider is ordering subscriptions for a specific Customer and the total number of Authorized Users (or other usage metric stated in the Order Form) for each product; (iv) the subscription fees due for the SAP Cloud Services and the length of the subscription term; the (v) Provider billing contact information and such other information as set forth in the form of the Order Form.