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Inactive Service means water or wastewater service connection that is not in use, but is operational, installed in accordance with CSWRD standards, and documented in CSWRD records.
Inactive Service means a service connection that is not in use, but is operational, installed in accordance with LVVWD standards, and documented in LVVWD records.

Examples of Inactive Service in a sentence

Number of Active and Inactive Service Connections These include all physical connections to the main, not just the number of accounts in the system because one account could have multiple connections.

Owners who vacate their home for a minimum of three (3) consecutive months per year may apply for Inactive Service status at the Village Office.

Any such Inactive Service Agreement imbalance quantity will be cashed out in accordance with Section 10.6. Transporter will provide notice to the Inactive Service Agreement Shipper 30 days prior to the pending cash-out.

Inactive Service Agreement Imbalances: An inactive Service Agreement is defined as any Service Agreement with an imbalance that has remained unchanged for a consecutive three month period.

Inactive Service Participants may request access to their record from the Supervisor.

Cash-outs owed to the Shipper or Transporter will be the amount determined by multiplying the imbalance for the terminated/ Inactive Service Agreement by the cash-out price.

Update the database.Service user/ carer details must be filed in the Inactive Service User/ Carer Involvement FolderAll checks completed Satisfactory checks completed: once completed, it is important that the service user/ carer produces the cleared DBS form to HR, who will complete the Disclosure Check clearance form and keep in Service User/ Carer Involvement File When all clearance has been received service user/carer is now cleared to commence role.

Docket Number: ER17–781–000.Applicants: NorthWestern Corporation.Description: Notice of Cancellation of Multiple Inactive Service Agreements and Rate Schedules of NorthWestern Corporation.Filed Date: 1/11/17.Accession Number: 20170111–5169.Comments Due: 5 p.m. ET 2/1/17.

The table below describes the communication and actions for inactive contractors: Inactive ServiceNotice/Action30 Days or more of Inactive Service Provision (30 Day notice)Service Provision Notice Letter60 Days or more of Inactive Service Provision (60 Day notice)Contract Cancellation Notice Letter State Priority of High Need AreasInterested applicants from all areas within the state are encouraged to apply.

Ab .,._..,._..................+.._,_-_,,,,;1;+;_o Inactive Service Lines.1. Service Lines.

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Inactive Service means a service connection which is not in use, but is fully operational and documented in District records. Reactivating inactive facilities may require the facilities to be brought into compliance with current District standards at the applicant’s expense.
Inactive Service means a service that is unused for a specified period of time;
Inactive Service means a Service Connection which is not in use, but is fully operational, installed in accordance with City Standards and documented in City records.
Inactive Service means a service that is unused for a specified

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Active Service means a Covered Person is either 1) actively at work performing all regular duties at his or her employer’s place of business or someplace the employer requires him or her to be; 2) employed, but on a scheduled holiday, vacation day, or period of approved paid leave of absence; or 3) if not employed, able to engage in substantially all of the usual activities of a person in good health of like age and sex and not confined in a Hospital or rehabilitation or rest facility.
Competitive service means any service offered by an electric
Inactive Employee has the meaning set forth in Section 6.11(b).
Inactive Employees means those Business Employees who, as of the Closing Date, are not actively at work including by reason of long-term disability, short-term disability or other continuous absence;
Inactive status means the status of a practitioner licensed or registered pursuant to Iowa Code chapter 153 who is not currently engaged in the practice of dentistry, dental hygiene, or dental assisting in the state of Iowa and who has paid the required renewal fee but who has not met the requirements for continuing education.
Inactive business operations means the mere continued holding or renewal of rights to property previously operated for the purpose of generating revenues but not presently deployed for such purpose.
Company Service means the Company's email, Internet, security management services provided to End Users for the purposes of conducting Company's internal business.
Active Employee means a contributing member of the TRS who is employed by a public school and is not entitled to coverage under a plan provided under Insurance Code Chapter 1551 (Texas Em- ployees Group Benefits Act) or 1601 (State University Employees Uniform Insurance Benefits Act).
Active Employment means you must be actively at work for the Sponsor:
Active Employees means all employees employed on the Closing Date by Seller for its business who are employed exclusively in Seller’s business as currently conducted, including employees on temporary leave of absence, including family medical leave, military leave, temporary disability or sick leave, but excluding employees on long-term disability leave.
Active NFFE means any NFFE that meets any of the following criteria:
Toll Free Service means service provided with any dialing sequence that invokes Toll Free, i.e., 800-like, service processing. Toll Free Service currently includes calls to the Toll Free Service 800/888/877/866 NPA SAC codes.
Service employee, means any person engaged in the performance of this contract other than any person employed in a bona fide executive, administrative, or professional capacity, as these terms are defined in Part 541 of Title 29, Code of Federal Regulations, as revised. It includes all such persons regardless of any contractual relationship that may be alleged to exist between a Contractor or subcontractor and such persons.
Inactive or "inactivation" means action by the Division to place a license on inactive status in accordance with Sections 58-1-305 and R156-1-305.
Competitive Services means services competitive with the business activities engaged in by the Company or an Affiliate as of the date of termination of Grantee’s employment for any reason or any earlier date of an alleged breach by Grantee of the restrictions in Section 17 hereof, which include, but are not limited to, the provision of products and services to facilitate or assist with the movement in electronic commerce of payment and financial information, merchant processing, merchant acquiring, credit and debit transaction processing, check guarantee and verification, electronic authorization and capture, terminal management services, purchase card services, financial electronic data interchange, cash management services, and wire transfer services.
Period of Service means the aggregate of all periods commencing with the Employee's first day of employment or reemployment with the Employer or Affiliated Employer and ending on the date a 1-Year Break in Service begins. The first day of employment or reemployment is the first day the Employee performs an Hour of Service. An Employee will also receive partial credit for any Period of Severance of less than 12 consecutive months. Fractional periods of a year will be expressed in terms of days.
SERVICE SHOP – means a building or part thereof used for the sale and repair of household articles and shall include radio, television, and appliance repair shops but shall not include industrial, manufacturing or motor vehicle body repair shops.
Protective services means expedited services that are provided:
Designated Employees shall have the meaning assigned thereto in Section 7.1.
Excluded Employee means an employee as defined in section 3527, subd. (b) of the Government Code (Ralph C. Dills Act) except those excluded employees who are designated managerial pursuant to section 18801.1 of the Government Code.
CMU Service means the Central Moneymarkets Unit Service, operated by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority;
Excluded Employees means, any employee of the Seller, the LIN Companies or their respective Affiliates whose principal work location is not either or both of the Stations or whose employment responsibilities relate substantially to the corporate operations of the Seller or Other Seller Stations, in each case as of immediately prior to the Closing, and the employees denoted on Schedule 3.11(b) as “Excluded Employees”.
Active business operations means all business operations that are not inactive business operations.
Service-disabled veteran-owned business means a business that is at least 51 percent owned by one or more service disabled veterans or, in the case of a corporation, partnership, or limited liability company or other entity, at least 51 percent of the equity ownership interest in the corporation, partnership, or limited liability company or other entity is owned by one or more individuals who are service disabled veterans and both the management and daily business operations are controlled by one or more individuals who are service disabled veterans.
Retained Employee means a Full-time Employee currently employed by the Company who continues to be employed during the term of this Agreement whose job duties are directly and substantially related to the Project. For purposes of this definition, “directly and substantially related to the Project” means at least two- thirds (2/3) of the employee’s job duties must be directly related to the Project and the employee must devote at least two-thirds (2/3) of his or her time to the Project. The term “Retained Employee” does not include any individual who has a direct or an indirect ownership interest of at least five percent (5%) in the profits, equity, capital, or value of the Taxpayer, or a child, grandchild, parent, or spouse, other than a spouse who is legally separated from the individual, of any individual who has direct or indirect ownership interest of at least five percent (5%) of the profits, equity, capital or value of the Company.
Designated Employee means an employee who has been designated by the school to receive complaints of hazing, harassment and bullying pursuant to subdivision 16 V.S.A. 570a(a)(7). The designated employees for each school building are identified in Appendix A of this policy.