In turn definition

In turn means that a cacophony is never right. One by one the content must be delivered and interpreted. One single διερμηνευτής is acceptable because his witness will be combined with the tongues-speaker.

Examples of In turn in a sentence

In turn, the broker or other entity will deliver each of these items to the Paying Agent and will certify to the Paying Agent that the broker or other entity represents the deceased beneficial owner.

In turn, this may increase pressure on drains, sewers and water quality.

In turn, the Commonwealth requires the University to participate in the higher education quality arrangements which are overseen by the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency.

In turn, and to the extent the account has been identified as a Reportable Account, SARS will exchange this information with the country of residence of the Reportable Person(s) in respect of that Reportable Account.

In turn, L.A. Care must provide Premiums to LIBERTY to establish and continue Your coverage.

In turn, the Custodian has delegated the custody of assets in certain markets in which the Company may invest to various sub-delegates (“Sub-Custodians”).

In turn, the Chief Executive Officer or Green Dot’s legal counsel shall submit a timely report to the Green Dot’s governing board regarding the officer’s requests and actions and the Green Dot’s response(s).

In turn, many investors use this published research in making investment decisions.

In turn, the customer agency reimburses the shared service provider for its costs.

In turn, the officers of the Trust will report to the Board any material violations of the Code of Ethics in accordance with Section 7 below.

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Cannibalize means to remove parts from Government property for use or for installation on other Government property.
MED means Med Diversified, Inc., a Nevada corporation.
NCATE means The National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education, a national accrediting body for schools, colleges, and departments of education authorized by the U.S. Department of Education.
Prime Vendor – means any person (natural or juristic) who forwards an acceptable proposal in response to this RFB with the intention of being the main contractor should the proposal be awarded to him/her.
New Owner means an individual who is legally competent to enter into a binding agreement
Eligible production company means that term as defined under section 455 of the Michigan business tax act, 2007 PA 36, MCL 208.1455.
Model 1 seller means a seller that has selected a CSP as its agent to perform all the seller's sales and use tax functions, other than the seller's obligation to remit tax on its own purchases.
Basic municipal services means a municipal service necessary to ensure an acceptable and reasonable quality of life, which service – if not provided – would endanger public health or safety or the environment.
Forest management plan means a plan establishing conservation and management practices for a landowner after assessment of the resource values of forested properties. This plan is approved by the MD Department of Natural Resources forester assigned to the county after coordination with the county, and by the Planning Director if located within a conservation easement.
EMC EMC Mortgage Corporation, or its successor in interest.
Secondhand means owned by any person, except a wholesaler, retailer, or licensed secondhand article dealer or secondhand jewelry dealer, immediately before the transaction at hand.
CTC means Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited together with its Subsidiaries (excluding the REIT and the REIT’s Subsidiaries), or, as the context requires, any of them.
gravity base foundation means a structure principally of steel, concrete, or steel and concrete which rests on the seabed either due to its own weight with or without added ballast or additional skirts and associated equipment including scour protection, J-tubes, corrosion protection systems and access platforms and equipment;
Horizon means a zone of a particular formation; that part of a formation of sufficient porosity and permeability to form a petroleum reservoir.
Permit Holder means the entity that:
Travel Companion means an individual, other than an Immediate Family Member, who accompanied the Covered Person on the trip where the emergency occurred.
e-tuğra “ESHS” kök sertifikalarının imza oluşturma ve doğrulama verilerini, “ESHS”ye ait olan güvenli elektronik imza oluşturma aracı içerisinde (kriptografik modül) oluşturur. “ESHS” imza oluşturma verisi yedekleme amacı dışında kesinlikle “ESHS” güvenli elektronik imza oluşturma aracından çıkarılamaz. Yedekleme amacıyla imza oluşturma verisinin başka bir kriptografik modüle transferi gerekli teknik ve fiziksel güvenlik önlemleri altında sadece birden çok yetkili “güvenli personel” tarafından gerçekleştirilebilir.
Over 10% Owner means an individual who at the time an Incentive Stock Option is granted owns Stock possessing more than 10% of the total combined voting power of the Company or one of its Subsidiaries, determined by applying the attribution rules of Code Section 424(d).
Basic Municipal Service means a municipal service that is necessary to ensure an acceptable and reasonable quality of life and which, if not provided, would endanger public health or safety or the environment;
HC or “Housing Credit Program” means the rental housing program administered by the Corporation in accordance with section 42 of the Internal Revenue Code and Section 420.5099, F.S., under which the Corporation is designated the Housing Credit agency for the state of Florida within the meaning of the following:
Model 2 seller means a seller registered under the agreement that:
CMI has the meaning set forth in the second recital to this Agreement.
TRC means Toledo Refining Company LLC.
Load Serving Entity (or “LSE”) means an entity designated by a retail electricity customer (including the Customer) to provide capacity, energy and ancillary services to serve such customer, in compliance with NYISO Tariffs, rules, manuals and procedures.
the Caxton Foundation means the charitable trust of that name established on 28th March 2011 out of funds provided by the Secretary of State for the benefit of certain persons suffering from hepatitis C and other persons eligible for payment in accordance with its provisions;
the data importer means the processor who agrees to receive from the data exporter personal data intended for processing on his behalf after the transfer in accordance with his instructions and the terms of the Clauses and who is not subject to a third country's system ensuring adequate protection within the meaning of Article 25(1) of Directive 95/46/EC;