In detail definition

In detail means to include, if applicable,: speaker name, speaker’s title/position, the topic of the presentation, the location, date and time of the event, expected attendance, a breakdown of costs for food/drinks/entertainment, and how much your organization will contribute towards the event apart from SBA-allocated funds.
In detail here means that the respondent specifically mentioned exchanges or other linkage events and demonstrated their participation in or knowledge of these events.

Examples of In detail in a sentence

  • In detail: During ordering it is possible to view or modify the content of the basket, if the basket does not contain the quantity to be ordered, the User can enter the amount of quantity to be ordered in the input field in the quantity column and then press the "Update/Update the basket" Button.

  • In detail, veins exhibit features typical of epithermal systems with splits on large and small scales.

  • In detail, we use three related econometric techniques, i.e. information shares (Hasbrouck, 1995), modified information shares (Lien and Shresta, 2009) and HMW-information shares (Harris et al, 2002).1 This vector error correction approach aims for identifying the relative importance of certain time series to a common development.

  • In detail, we take the unemployment statistics, producer and consumer price indexes, GDP and retail sales releases.

  • In detail, the nature of the individual’s activities since incarceration, commitment, treatment, or applied sanctions.

  • In detail, the refractive index depends on pressure and temperature.

  • In detail, Policy DC3 ‘Landscape and Settlement Setting’ states ‘The Council will protect and, where possible, enhance local landscape and the setting of settlements in the Staffordshire Moorlands by: 1.

  • In detail a joint control exists when the decisions over the relevant activities require the unanimous consent of all the parties that share control.

  • In detail, describe your firm’s planning process and how you propose to include District administration, professional staff, the Board of Education, and community representatives.

  • In detail, the following physical security measures are implemented at the Data Centres: The Supplier protects its assets and facilities using the appropriate means based on a internal security classification.

Related to In detail

  • Login Details means the unique user name and password used by any End User to access a Product or Service as required by Thomson CompuMark to validate access and other details concerning access to the Product or Service and its login process. Login Details shall be considered Thomson CompuMark’s Confidential Information;

  • Security Details means any security procedure you follow or use to give or authorise an instruction, confirm your identity or access a Device or certain functionality on that Device (for example a passcode, access code, Security Code, or biometric data such as a fingerprint).

  • Assignment Details Form means written confirmation of the assignment details to be given to the Agency Worker upon acceptance of the Assignment;

  • contact details means sufficient details including but not limited to a name, surname, telephone number – business or private, e-mail address, postal and residential addresses that will enable a Municipality or organ of state to contact a person for purposes of executing their functions in terms of the Act or this By-law and in so far as it relates to an organ of state, the details of a contact person within the employ of the organ of state;

  • Table of Product Details means the table attached to these Terms and Conditions which contains the definitions in relation to each series of Securities.

  • Contract Number means, with respect to any Contract included in the Trust, the number assigned to such Contract by the Servicer, which number is set forth in the related Schedule of Contracts.

  • Automotive instant detailer means a product designed for use in a pump spray that is applied to the painted surface of automobiles and wiped off prior to the product being allowed to dry.

  • product type means one of the following: (i) in respect of conventional oil and gas activities:

  • Lloyd’s means the Society incorporated by Lloyd’s Act 1871 by the name of Lloyd’s.

  • EUWA means the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018, as amended.

  • Essential Details means the required details in order for the Company to be able to place the Order for example but not limited to the type of Underlying Asset, Direction (Buy/or Sell), Opening price, closing price, style of the Order, the volume, if the Client places a Pending Order (limit or stop) the Client will indicate the intended price in which the Order will go in the market and any Stop Loss and or Take Profit etc.

  • CT number means the number used to represent the x-ray attenuation associated with each elemental area of the CT image.

  • Data Supplier means a supplier of Market Data.

  • Commercial customer means a customer other than a domestic customer and an indigent customer, including, but not limited to, a business or an industrial, governmental or an institutional customer;

  • Lender Presentation the Lender Presentation dated October 2016 and furnished to the Administrative Agent in connection with this Agreement.

  • PPC means prior period coverage. PPC is the period of time, prior to the member’s enrollment, during which a member is eligible for covered services. The time-frame is the first day of the month of application or the first eligible month, whichever is later, until the day a member is enrolled with a contractor.

  • Customs Broker means that individual, partnership, entity or corporation licensed by the Canada Border Services Agency, or other authorized body, to engage in the business of a customs broker and who is named as the Customs Broker in the Agency Agreement and Power of Attorney.

  • We/Our/Us means the Underwriters named in the Schedule.

  • instructions for use means the information provided by the manufacturer to inform the user of the device’s intended purpose and proper use and of any precautions to be taken;

  • Product name means the name of the commercial feed which identifies it as to kind, class or specific use.

  • identifier means information that a user:

  • commercial presence means any type of business or professional establishment, including through:

  • MS4 means a municipal separate storm sewer system.

  • HKEx means Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited or its successors.

  • Account Number means a serial number assigned by GTJAS to be used as the Client’s personal identification when opening the Account.

  • Lead hazard means any substance, surface or object that contains lead and that, due to its condition, location or nature, may contribute to the lead poisoning or lead exposure of a child under 6 years of age.