Definition of Implementation Charge

Implementation Charge means the reasonable chargeable direct costs, which SingTel will incur in making necessary software and hardware modifications to effect the requested extension of the use of Interconnection Related Services to Call Types;

Examples of Implementation Charge in a sentence

All data center charges associated with implementing the base system are included in the Implementation Charge.
System Development Estimates In addition to the Implementation Charge and state implementation fees delineated above, IMS will bill Customer monthly on a time and materials basis for the development work associated with the items in the following table.
Initial Implementation Customer shall pay IMS an "Implementation Charge" equal to $___*___ in consideration of IMS implementing the Insurance Administration Services to be performed under this Agreement for the first five states (Colorado, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and Indiana).
Customer will pay this Implementation Charge as follows: o $___*___ due upon execution of the Agreement o $___*___ balance due after the first month of live production.
The Total Contract Price - the total amount Service Provider may charge - shall not exceed $ INSERT and is comprised of the Design, Development and Implementation Charge (the "DDI Charge") and the Maintenance, Operations and Support Charge (the "MOS Charge") for each month during the Initial Term.