ILEC definition

ILEC has the meaning given the term in the Act.

Examples of ILEC in a sentence

  • The Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge, UK.• International Lake Environment Committee Foundation, ILEC (2007).

  • The conditions of 253(f) are not dependent on the status of the ILEC’s rural exemption, but instead apply to the market of any “rural telephone company.” Therefore, the rules should relate to rural ILECs in general, and not just those with rural exemptions.(d) “Rural exemption ILEC” means a “rural telephone company” as defined in 47 U.S.C. § 153(37).an ILEC exempted from the obligations of 47 USC 251(c).

  • The commission shall accept and resolve complaints from ILEC customers regarding basic service as described in violations of Puc 421.01 and 421.02.

  • ILECs have additional resale obligations, which are governed by tariffs and/or interconnection agreements.(a) All ILEC VSP telecommunications services shall be available for purchase for resale by other telecommunications carriers.

  • An ILEC that has notified the commission that it chooses to be considered an ILEC/ELEC.(b) “ILEC–Not an Excepted Local Exchange Carrier" (ILEC–NELEC) means an ILEC which is not an ILEC/ELEC.(c) “Non-exempt ILEC” means an ILEC that is not exempted from the obligations of 47 USC 251(c).

More Definitions of ILEC

ILEC has the meaning set forth in Section 3.8(a).