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ILCS means Illinois Compiled Statutes, an unofficial version of which can be viewed at xxxx://

Examples of ILCS in a sentence

  • If the LEA receives a request from a parent, as that term is defined in 105 ILCS 10/2(g), that Student Data being held by the Provider be deleted, the LEA shall determine whether the requested deletion would violate State and/or federal records laws.

  • The LEA shall establish reasonable procedures pursuant to which a parent, as that term is defined in 105 ILCS 10/2(g), may inspect and/or copy Student Data and/or challenge the accuracy, relevance or propriety of Student Data, pursuant to Sections 5 and 7 of ISSRA (105 ILCS 10/5; 105 ILCS 10/7) and Section 33 of SOPPA (105 ILCS 85/33).

  • Unless otherwise stated, all terms used in this policy have the definitions given in the State Officials and Employees Ethics Act, 5 ILCS 430/1-5.

  • Xxxxxxxx recording requested is older than 18 months and was destroyed pursuant to 5 ILCS 120/2.06(c).

  • A public record is any recorded information "pertaining to the transaction of public business, regardless of physical form or characteristics, having been prepared by or for, or having been or being used by, received by, in the possession of, or under the control of any public body." 5 ILCS 140/2.

  • Conduct interviews with candidates (interviews may occur in closed session pursuant to 5 ILCS 120/2(c)(3)).

  • The parties acknowledge that Student Data hereunder includes student information that is “Covered Information” subject to the Student Online Personal Protection Act (105 ILCS 85/1 et.

  • While 5 ILCS 120/2.06(c) refers to the process for destroying closed session verbatim recordings, 5 ILCS 120/7(e)(9), amended by P.A. 101-640, applies that process for destroying closed session verbatim recordings to the destruction of the verbatim open session recordings that are required when a board determines it is necessary for it to meet without the physical presence of a quorum due to a public health emergency.

  • The Board shall process payments in accordance with the Local Government Prompt Payment Act (50 ILCS 505/1 et seq.).

  • Grantee certifies that it is not prohibited from receiving an Award because it pays dues or fees on behalf of its employees or agents, or subsidizes or otherwise reimburses them for payment of their dues or fees to any club which unlawfully discriminates (775 ILCS 25/1 et seq.).

More Definitions of ILCS

ILCS means the State of Illinois Compiled Statutes.
ILCS means Illinois Compiled Statutes. An unofficial version of the ILCS can be viewed at
ILCS shall have the meaning specified in the recitals of this Agreement.

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