Definition of IAI Note Legend

IAI Note Legend means the legend set forth in Exhibit A.

Examples of IAI Note Legend in a sentence

All Notes transferred to an Initial Purchaser or a Sponsor Purchaser shall be issued in the form of one or more IAI Global Notes bearing the Global Note Legend and the IAI Note Legend.
Certificated Note constituting a Restricted Certificated Note or an IAI Certificated Note delivered in exchange for an interest in a Global Note pursuant to Section 2.13(a) shall, except as otherwise provided by Section 2.14, bear the OID Legend and the Restricted Note Legend or the IAI Note Legend, as applicable.
All of the Notes are initially being offered and sold pursuant to the Initial Holder Agreements to the Purchaser, which is an Institutional Accredited Investor, and are initially being issued in the form of an IAI Certificated Note (which will bear the IAI Note Legend set forth in Exhibit A hereto), duly executed by the Company and authenticated by the Trustee as hereinafter provided.
All Notes transferred prior to the Permitted Transfer Date shall be issued in the form of Certificated Notes bearing the IAI Note Legend.