Horizontally definition

Horizontally means with reference to the passenger compartment when the vehicle is immobile before the test, not in space during movement of the vehicle in relation to the ground, and "vertically" is perpendicular to horizontally and upwards.

Examples of Horizontally in a sentence

  • Horizontally separate boxes mounted on opposite sides of walls so they are not in the same vertical channel.

  • Horizontally or obliquely fitted long lengths of roof rainwater downpipes discharging into water harvesting tanks are not acceptable.

  • Horizontally, they occur in nutrient-poor areas between plant clumps.

  • Lamp Heads: Horizontally and vertically adjustable, mounted on the face of the unit, except where otherwise indicated.

  • Horizontally integrated hybrid systems consist of one level where some production stages are controlled by push-type control and other stages by a pull-type control (Geraghty & Heavey, 2004).Appendix IV List of resources During the execution of this project many people within both Mars and Jumbo have contributed to this report with their knowledge and information.

  • The measured position must match the established position at each individual control point within the following tolerances:- Horizontally to 0.10 feet or less.- Vertically to 0.05 feet or less.

  • Horizontally define the ground story facade from the upper stories.

  • Benching Slopes: Horizontally bench existing slopes greater than 1:4 to key placed fill material to slope to provide firm bearing.

  • Horizontally separate boxes mounted on opposite sides of walls, so they are not in the same vertical channel.

  • Horizontally mounted valves shall be provided with rollers and tracks.

Related to Horizontally

  • Diameter means the greatest dimension of the cherry measured at right angles to a line running from the stem end to the blossom end.

  • Built-up area and/or “Covered Area” in relation to a Flat shall mean the floor area of that Flat including the area of balconies and terraces, if any attached thereto, and also the thickness of the walls (external or internal) and the columns and pillars therein Provided That if any wall, column or pillar be common between two Flats, then one-half of the area under such wall column or pillar shall be included in the built-up area of each such Flat.

  • Basement means any area of the building having its floor subgrade (below ground level) on all sides.

  • Pruning means the appropriate removal in accordance with good arboricultural practices of not more than one-third of the live branches or limbs of a tree or more than one-third of the live branches or limbs on a tree as part of a consistent annual pruning program;

  • Disinfectant means any oxidant, including but not limited to chlorine, chlorine dioxide, chloramines, and ozone added to water in any part of the treatment or distribution process, that is intended to kill or inactivate pathogenic microorganisms.

  • Bulkhead means an airtight structure separating the working chamber from free air or from another chamber under a lower pressure than the working pressure;

  • Landing area means that part of a movement area intended for the landing or take-off of aircraft;

  • Flocculation means a process to enhance agglomeration or collection of smaller floc particles into larger, more easily settleable particles through gentle stirring by hydraulic or mechanical means.

  • Basal area means the effective surface area available to transmit the treated effluent from the filter media in a mound system into the in-situ receiving soils. The perimeter is measured at the interface of the imported fill material and in-situ soil. On sloping sites, only the area down-gradient from the up-slope edge of the distribution media may be included in this calculation.