Honey bee definition

Honey bee means any life stage of the common domestic honey bee, Apis Mellifera species.
Honey bee means all life stages of and are limited to the common domestic honey bee, Apis mellifera species of European origin. The Africanized honey bee is prohibited.
Honey bee means the species of bee identified as Apis mellifera.

Examples of Honey bee in a sentence

  • Honey bee colony densities on non-agricultural private land are limited to the following property size to colony ratios: A.

  • Burgett, Honey bee pollination markets and the internalization of reciprocal benefits.

  • Genersch E: Honey bee pathology: current threats to honey bees and beekeeping.

  • Honey bee colony divisions or splits should be queened with production queens or queen cells from EHB breeder queens following Florida’s Best Management Practices.

  • Honey bee sound devices were not installed in three Zonal Railways (ECR, NER and SER).

  • Lipinski Z, Honey bee nutrition and feeding, in the temperate/continental climate of the northen hemisphere, OZGraf S.A., Olsztyn – A.D., 2018, 1-430.

  • Honey bee species are responsible for pollinating about 80% of the fruit, nuts, and vegetables consumed in the United States.

  • Stanimirović Z, Soldatović B, Vučinić M: Honey bee – Biology of the bees [in Serbian] Beograd, Srbija: Medicinska knjiga – Medicinske komunikacije 2000, 1-375.

  • McMenamin AJ, Genersch E: Honey bee colony losses and associated viruses.

  • If, in the telephone call, the solicitor suggests that they will require a CETV, point out that a CETV will be given to the Scheme member or the Court on request or by order but that it cannot be supplied to the spouse, civil partner or his/her solicitor.

More Definitions of Honey bee

Honey bee or “bee” means Apis mellifera.
Honey bee means all life stages of the common domestic honey bee, apis mellifera
Honey bee means all life stages of the common domestic honey bee. This definition does not include wasps, hornets, African subspecies or Africanized hybrids.
Honey bee means a subset of bees in the genus Apis, primarily distinguished by the production and storage of honey and the construction of perennial, colonial nests out of wax.

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