Hire Vendor definition

Hire Vendor. The seller in the hire purchase agreement who sell the goods on the hire basis.

Examples of Hire Vendor in a sentence

  • Unit 2: HIRE PURCHASE AND INSTALLMENT SYSTEMS 12HrsIntroduction – Meaning – Hire Purchase Act 1972 – Important Definitions – Hire Purchase Agreement – Hire Purchase Price – Cash Price – Hire Purchase Charges – Net Hire Purchase Price – Net Cash Price – Calculation of Interest – Calculation of Cash Price – Journal Entries and Ledger Accounts in the books of Hire Purchaser and Hire Vendor.

  • Journal entries and ledger accounts in the books of Hire Vendor and Hire Purchaser for large value items, including Default and repossession.

  • Batliboi "Hire-purchase is the system under which the property is acquired by payments made in installments, during the period of which the title in the property remains with the Hire Vendor.

  • Whether record in the books of Hire-Purchaser has been made by the first method or by the second method described above, Journal entries in the books of Hire Vendor are made as under .

  • Hire Purchase System: Features – Accounting Treatment in the Books of Hire Purchaser and Hire Vendor – Default and Repossession.

  • Unit-III:Hire Purchase System:Features –Difference between Hire Purchase and Instalment Purchase Systems - Accounting Treatment in the Books of Hire Purchaser and Hire Vendor - Default and Repossession (including Problems).Unit-IV: Partnership Accounts-I: Meaning – Partnership Deed - Fixed and Fluctuating Capitals-Accounting Treatment of Goodwill - Admission and Retirement of a Partner(including problems).

  • When an asset is purchased on hire purchase systemAsset Account Dr.(With cash price)To Hire Vendor Account ii.

  • We may speak of the good, generally, as that which satisfies desire.

  • Hire Purchaser closes the Hire vendor's A/c by transferring the balance of Hire Purchase Asset A/c to Hire Vendor A/c.

  • Show Machinery Account and Hire Vendor Account in the books of the purchaser whodefaulted in the payment of the third yearly payment whereupon the vendor re-possessed the machinery.

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  • Prime Vendor – means any person (natural or juristic) who forwards an acceptable proposal in response to this RFB with the intention of being the main contractor should the proposal be awarded to him/her.

  • Third Party Vendor means any person or entity that provides SaaS, third party software and/or related intellectual property. “Work” means any additional work the Customer requests Singtel to perform in relation to the Service.

  • NYS Vendor ID means the ten-character identifier issued by New York State when a vendor is registered on the Vendor File.

  • Seller’s Group means the Seller and its Affiliates from time to time;

  • SPI means the information categories listed at Tex. Bus. & Com. Code § 521.002(a)(2).

  • Vendor or “Vendors” means any entity submitting a bid in response to the Solicitation, the entity that has been selected as the lowest responsible bidder, or the entity that has been awarded the Contract as context requires.

  • Contractor / Vendor means the Tenderer whose bid has been accepted and awarded Letter of Acceptance for a specific item followed by the signing of Contract.

  • U.S. Purchaser means an original purchaser of Units of which the Warrants comprise a part who was, at the time of purchase, either an Institutional Accredited Investor or a Qualified Institutional Buyer and (a) a U.S. Person, (b) any person purchasing such Units on behalf of, or for the account or benefit of, any U.S. Person or any person in the United States, (c) any person who receives or received an offer to acquire such Units while in the United States, and (d) any person who was in the United States at the time such person's buy order was made or the subscription agreement pursuant to which such Units were acquired was executed or delivered;

  • Seller Group means, at any time, the group of companies comprised of Xxxxx Fargo & Company and its subsidiaries at that time.

  • Vendors means the proposer(s) responding to this RFP and vendor(s) to whom a contract has been awarded as a result of this RFP by SMSD. A responsible vendor is a vendor who has adequate financial resources (or the ability to obtain such resources), can comply with the delivery requirements, and is a qualified and established firm regularly engaged in the type of business that provides the product(s) /service(s) listed herein.

  • Buyer has the meaning set forth in the preamble.

  • Transferred Entities shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2.2(a)(ii).

  • Seller Parties has the meaning set forth in the preamble to this Agreement.

  • Seller Affiliate Shall have the meaning set forth in Section 6(b)(ii)(A) (Establishment of Monetary Escrow) of Attachment B (Facility Owned by Seller) to this Agreement.

  • Purchased Services means Services that You or Your Affiliate purchase under an Order Form, as distinguished from those provided pursuant to a free trial.

  • Group Companies means the Company and the Subsidiaries and “Group Company” means any one of them;