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Helpful means the victim has been, is being, or is likely to assist law enforcement, prosecutors, judges, or other government officials in the detection, investigation, prosecution, conviction, or sentencing of the qualifying criminal activity of which he or she is a victim. This includes providing assistance when reasonably requested. This also includes an ongoing responsibility on the part of the victim to be helpful. Those who unreasonably refuse to assist after reporting a crime will not be eligible for a U visa. The duty to remain helpful to law enforcement exists even after a U visa is granted, and those victims who unreasonably refuse to provide assistance after the U visa has been granted will not be eligible to obtain lawful permanent residence and may have the visa revoked by USCIS. Certifying agencies should contact and inform USCIS of the victim’s unreasonable refusal to provide assistance in an investigation or prosecution:
Helpful. It also does not mean “absolutely necessary”. It is somewhere in between. To know if a rule change is “reasonably necessary” it is important to think about everything that is going on at the hospital. Some things that will probably be relevant to think about are: • Why has the hospital decided to make a change? • Does the reason that they give make sense? • Do the changes have anything to do with helping COVID patients? • Does the hospital have a COVID outbreak? • Does your work have anything to do with COVID or COVID patients? • Has the hospital tried to follow the collective agree- ment before making this change? • Do you think the hospital could follow the collective agreement and still deal with the COVID problem that they are trying to solve? • Even if the hospital can’t follow the collective agree- ment, are they breaking the rules as little as possible? If your employer tells you that they are using Regulation 74/20 to change your work in a way that breaks the col- lective agreement, you should tell your union as soon as possible. You should listen to any reason that the hospi- tal gives you for the rule change and try to remember as much detail as possible. You may want to ask questions to help you understand what changes are being made, and why.
Helpful means the victim has been, is being, or is likely to assist law enforcement, prosecutors, judges, or other government officials in the detection, investigation, prosecution, conviction, or sentencing of the qualifying criminal activity of which he or she is a victim. This includes an ongoing responsibility on the part of the victim to be helpful and that the victim has not refused or failed to provide assistance when reasonably requested.

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  • Requirement Helpful Hints & Comments First-Year Seminar Course must focus on orientation to college academics while maintaining instruction in orientation, transitions, and holistic wellness.

  • Helpful information for meeting minimum public library standards is available on the State Library's website.

  • Helpful guidelines for ensuring the accessibility of web-based and digital materials are available through the World Wide Web Consortium’s Web Accessibility Initiative at

  • Helpful Tips:Businesses that qualify are asked to post their openings with Baltimore County’s First Source Hiring network of service providers, and offer the County the first opportunity to refer qualified candidates to those positions.

  • See Appendix: DCJS Grants Management System (GMS) Instructions and Helpful Hints.

  • Contact Us Phone: 540-338-7421 Fax: 540-338-6205 Email Us Monday - Friday 8 am to 5 pm Helpful Links Town Information Departments Calendar How Do I...

  • Helpful hints:Please refer to the enclosed manufacturer’s installation guide for operating and safety instructions.

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  • Helpful Hints: If more space is required to access the top of the fuel tank, loosen the strap nuts to the end of the stud.

  • Helpful PublicationsHMRC publish guidance on their website relating to how PAYE is operated and the legislation that you have to comply with.

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Helpful means that the victim has been helpful, is being helpful or is likely to be helpful in the investigation of a qualifying criminal activity (see list above). This includes being helpful and providing assistance when reasonably requested.

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  • Suggestions means all suggested improvements to the Service Offerings that you provide to us.

  • Handling means any installation, handling, generation, storage, treatment, use, disposal, discharge, release, manufacture, refinement, presence, migration, emission, abatement, removal, transportation, or any other activity of any type in connection with or involving Hazardous Materials.

  • Medically Necessary means a service which is appropriate and consistent with the treatment of the condition in accordance with accepted standards of community practice.

  • Cooperation shall refer to those provisions set forth below in Paragraphs 33-45.

  • Regulatory Filing means all applications, filings, submissions, approvals, licenses, registrations, permits, notifications and authorizations (or waivers) with respect to the development, manufacture or commercialization of any Licensed Molecule or Licensed Product made to or received from any Regulatory Authority in a given country, including any INDs and XXXx.

  • Developing means to engage in Development and “Developed” has a corresponding meaning.

  • Developmentally appropriate means suitable to the chronological age range and developmental characteristics of a specific group of children.

  • Regulatory Filings means, collectively: (a) all INDs, NDAs, establishment license applications, drug master files, applications for designation of a Product as an “Orphan Product(s)” under the Orphan Drug Act, for “Fast Track” status under Section 506 of the FDCA (21 U.S.C. § 356) or for a Special Protocol Assessment under Section 505(b)(4)(B) and (C) of the FDCA (21 U.S.C. § 355(b)(4)(B)) or all other similar filings (including, without limitation, any counterparts of any of the foregoing in any country region in the Territory) as may be required by any Regulatory Authority for the Development of a Candidate or Commercialization of a Product; (b) all supplements and amendments to any of the foregoing; and (c) all data contained in, and correspondence relating to, any of the foregoing.

  • Collection means a collection of literary or artistic works, such as encyclopedias and anthologies, or performances, phonograms or broadcasts, or other works or subject matter other than works listed in Section 1(f) below, which, by reason of the selection and arrangement of their contents, constitute intellectual creations, in which the Work is included in its entirety in unmodified form along with one or more other contributions, each constituting separate and independent works in themselves, which together are assembled into a collective whole. A work that constitutes a Collection will not be considered an Adaptation (as defined above) for the purposes of this License.

  • Preparation means a mixture or solution of two or more substances;

  • Regulatory Materials means regulatory applications, submissions, notifications, communications, correspondence, registrations, Regulatory Approvals or other filings made to, received from or otherwise conducted with a Regulatory Authority in order to Develop, Manufacture, or Commercialize a Licensed Product in a particular country or jurisdiction.

  • Commercializing means to engage in Commercialization and “Commercialized” has a corresponding meaning.

  • Testimony means statements given by a witness under oath or affirmation.

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  • generate , with respect to electricity, means to produce electricity or provide ancillary services, other than ancillary services provided by a transmitter or distributor through the operation of a transmission or distribution system;

  • Awarding Authority means a subordinate or component entity or person of the City (such as a City department or Board of Commissioners) that has the authority to enter into a contract or agreement for the provision of goods or services on behalf of the City of Los Angeles.

  • Strategy means the Department of Education International Risk Management Strategy for Homestays and Short Term Cultural Exchanges developed and implemented under section 171 of the Working With Children (Risk Management and Screening) Act 2000 as in force at any given time.

  • Outcomes means the Health and Wellbeing Outcomes prescribed by the Scottish Ministers in Regulations under section 5(1) of the Act;

  • Regulatory Data means any and all research data, pharmacology data, chemistry, manufacturing and control data, preclinical data, clinical data and all other documentation submitted, or required to be submitted, to Regulatory Authorities in association with regulatory filings for the Product (including any applicable Drug Master Files (“DMFs”), Chemistry, Manufacturing and Control (“CMC”) data, or similar documentation).