Heated definition

Heated means the food or beverages have been prepared for sale in a heated condition and which are sold at any tempera- ture higher than the air temperature of the room or place where they are sold.
Heated disposed," "released," "transported," or otherwise "managed," as the foregoing terms in quotations are defined by Environmental Laws, (b) crude or refined oil (including waste oil, asbestos, polychlorobiphenyls ("PCBs"), radon gas, urea formaldehyde, flammable explosives, radioactive or nuclear materials, toxic wastes and any other similar substances, or (c) any chemical, contaminant, solvent, material, pollutant or substance that may be dangerous or detrimental to the Leased Property, the environment, or the health or safety of the patients, staff or other Persons likely to be present at the Leased Property or of owners or occupants of other real property nearby the Leased Property. The term Hazardous Substances as defined herein, shall not, however, include cleaning or maintenance materials, biomedical wastes and pharmaceuticals and other materials and substances which may be dangerous to health or environment of the types and in the quantities normally stocked or stored by health care providers similar to the Facility so long as Lessee shall use, store and dispose of all such cleaning and maintenance materials, biomedical wastes and pharmaceuticals in accordance with all applicable Environmental Laws and all other Legal Requirements. Impositions: Collectively, all taxes (including, without limitation, all ad valorem, sales and use, single business, gross receipts, transaction privilege, rent or similar taxes), assessments (including, without limitation, all assessments for public improvements or benefits, whether or not commenced, or completed prior to the date hereof and whether or not to be completed within the Term), ground rents, water and sewer rents, water charges or other rents and charges, excises, tax levies, fees (including, without limitation, license, permit, inspection, authorization and similar fees), transfer taxes and recordation taxes imposed as a result of this Lease or any extensions hereof, and all other governmental charges, in each case whether general or special, ordinary or extraordinary, or
Heated disposed," "discharged," "released," "transported," or "managed," as all of those terms are defined by any federal, state or local statute, ordinance, bylaw, code, rule or regulation now in effect, applicable to (i) environmental conditions in, on, under, around, adjacent to or in the vicinity of the Real Property or (ii) any disposal, discharge, release, transportation or storage, including, without limitation, the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act of 1980, as amended, 42 U.S.C. Section 9601, ET SEQ.; the Hazardous Materials Transportation Act, 49 U.S.C. Section 1801, ET SEQ.; the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, 42 U.S.C. Section 6901, ET SEQ.; the Federal Water Pollution Control Act, 33 U.S.C. Section 1251, ET SEQ.; and other federal, state and local laws of similar import or any other substances having similar effects defined or designated in any regulations adopted and publications promulgated pursuant to any of those laws as they may have been amended from time to time on or before the date of this Agreement (collectively, "Environmental Laws"). Seller further represents and warrants that as of the Management Commencement Date:

Examples of Heated in a sentence

Heated water provided for use by individuals must not exceed 120 degrees Fahrenheit at the hot water fixture, unless a cooler temperature is required by the needs of the individual.

If Heated- in-Place Thermoplastic is used, it shall be paid for using the Cold Applied Plastic pay item.

Heated pools shall be equipped with a vapor retardant pool cover on or at the water surface.

Heated slab F-factors shall be determined specifically for heated slabs.

Heated food or beverages mean those products, items or components which have been prepared for sale in a heated condition and which are sold at any temperature which is higher than the air temperature of the room or place where they are sold.Example: When a supermarket sells chickens roasted on a rotisserie, the roasted chickens are taxable food because heated food or beverages are taxable.(c) Meals.

Electricity Maximums for Households that Use Electrically Heated Hot Water.

Heated formula and baby food shall be stirred or shaken and tested for temperature before serving to children.

Heated bottles and foods must be tested before feeding to ensure heat is evenly distributed and to prevent injury to children.

Heated foods and heated beverages are prepared food and Retailer A’s sales of the heated foods and heated beverages are subject to tax.2) Restaurant B sells prepared foods and also other foods and food ingredients, including cartons of milk, cookies, and candy.

Heated food or bever- ages mean those products, items, or components which have been prepared for sale in a heated condition and which are sold at any temperature which is higher than the air temperature of the room or place where they are sold.Example: When a supermarket roasts chickens on a rotisserie and sells them in a heated condition, the roasted chickens are taxable because they are prepared food.(c) Prepared food.

Related to Heated

Heat - means any heat energy transported through the DHS System and supplied to the Premises.
Ventilation means the supply of outside air into a building through window or other openings due to wind outside and convection effects arising from temperature, or vapour pressure differences (or both) between inside and outside of the building;
Sanitary Sewer System means a system for the collection and transport of sewage, the construction of which was approved by the Department of Health or other appropriate authority.
Potable means water suitable for drinking by the public.
Lavatory means a sink that is equipped with hot and cold water under pressure for the primary purpose of handwashing.
HVAC System is defined in Section 6.10(a)(v).
Sanitary means clean and free of agents of infection or disease.
Ambient temperature means the temperature surrounding the animal.
Sanitary Sewer Overflow or “SSO” means a discharge of untreated sanitary wastewater from a municipal sanitary sewer.
Sanitary Sewage means wastewaters from residential, commercial and industrial sources introduced by direct connection to the sewerage collection system tributary to the treatment works including non-excessive inflow/infiltration sources.
Sanitary sewerage means a system of public sewers for carrying off waste water and refuse, but excluding sewage treatment facilities, septic tanks, and leach fields owned or operated by the licensee or registrant.
Ballast means a device used with an electric discharge lamp to obtain necessary circuit conditions (voltage, current and waveform) for starting and operating.
drain means (subject to Section 219(2) of the 1991 Act) a drain used for the drainage of one building or any buildings or yards appurtenant to buildings within the same curtilage;
washing means a process of separation by water using only size as a criterion;
Bathroom means any room containing a built-in flush-type toilet.
water meter means any apparatus for measuring or showing the volume of water supplied to, or of effluent discharged from any premises;
Conditioning means drying, cleaning, scarifying, and other operations which could change the purity or germination of the seed and require the seed lot to be retested to determine the label information.
Water or “waters in the state” means any and all water on or beneath the surface of the ground or in the atmosphere, including natural or artificial watercourses, lakes, ponds, or diffused surface water and water percolating, standing, or flowing beneath the surface of the ground, as well as all coastal waters within the jurisdiction of the state. [Section 373.019(22), F.S.]
Sewer System means pipelines or conduits, pumping stations, and force main, and all other constructions, devices, appliances, or appurtenances used for conducting sewage or industrial waste or other wastes to a point of ultimate disposal.
Drainage area means a geographic area within which stormwater, sediments, or dissolved materials drain to a particular receiving waterbody or to a particular point along a receiving waterbody.
Smoke means the gases, particles, or vapors released into the air as a result of combustion, electrical ignition, or vaporization when the apparent or usual purpose of the combustion, electrical ignition, or vaporization is human inhalation of the byproducts, except when the combusting or vaporizing material contains no tobacco or nicotine and the purpose of inhalation is solely olfactory, such as, for example, smoke from incense. The term “Smoke” includes, but is not limited to, tobacco smoke, Electronic Smoking Device vapors, marijuana smoke, and crack cocaine smoke.
HVAC means heating, ventilation and air conditioning.
Dust means any solid matter in a fine or disintegrated form which is capable of being dispersed or suspended in the atmosphere;
Sanitary Sewer means a sewer which carries sewage and to which storm, surface, and groundwaters are not intentionally admitted.
Sewage means a combination of the water-carried wastes from residences, business buildings, institutions, and industrial establishments, together with such ground, surface, and storm waters as may be present.
Kitchen means a room or part of a room equipped for preparing and cooking meals and excludes a braai room, food and drink preparation area or bar facilities in an entertainment area;