HEAL definition

HEAL means the Health Education Assistance Loan Program.
HEAL here, evidently means pardon, and, it will be observed, comes after conversion, and is something the Lord does for the converted person.
HEAL is a verb that means to become sound or healthy again; alleviate; correct or put right. ‘Holy’ is an adjective meaning dedicated or consecrated to the Divine or a religious purpose; devoted to the service of the Divine; morally and spiritually excellent. Devoted means to be very loving or loyal. Holiness is the

Examples of HEAL in a sentence


  • All trees damaged during construction shall be immediately repaired using SEAL AND HEAL or other materials as directed by the Engineer.

  • A physician who is in default on a Federal Stafford Loan, Grad PLUS Loan, SLS Loan, Perkins/National Direct/National Defense Student Loan, Health Professions Student Loan (HPSL), or Health Education Assistance Loan (HEAL) or who owes a repayment on any Title IV grant assistance or state award shall be ineligible for loan repayment.

  • Only institutional or government loans are eligible for repayment, including Stafford, SLS, HEAL, Perkins, and others.

  • However, whichever method is selected must continue over the life of the loan, except where the loan is consolidated with another HEAL loan.

  • HEAL Network & CRE-STRIDE 2021, Climate Change and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health, Discussion Paper, Lowitja Institute, Melbourne, p.

  • To a student borrower, by means of a check or draft payable jointly to the student borrower and the HEAL school.

  • A lender may rely in good faith upon statements of an applicant and the HEAL school contained in the loan application pa- pers, except where those statements are in conflict with information ob- tained from the report on the appli- cant’s credit history, or other informa- tion available to the lender.

  • The contract may contain a limit on the duration of the contract and the number or amount of HEAL loans a lender may make or hold.

  • A HEAL note is not a negotiable instrument, and a subse- quent holder is not a holder in due course.

More Definitions of HEAL

HEAL means Etheal Token as set out in paragraph 2.3.

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