Hands-on training definition

Hands-on training means training in a simulated work environment that permits each student to have experience performing tasks, making decisions, or using equipment appropriate to the job assignment for which the training is being conducted.
Hands-on training means training during which students practice skills that they will be expected to perform at the worksite.
Hands-on training means direct practical experience in the operation or functioning of a skill or task and involves active participation by a student.

More Definitions of Hands-on training

Hands-on training means student training on clients, students or models that includes active personal participation and practical experience necessary to gain knowledge. Training on mannequins is considered hands-on training;
Hands-on training means learning techniques that manipulate the soft tissue of the body.
Hands-on training means any OPRD-approved evaluation course offered by an OPRD- approved course provider.
Hands-on training means training that in- volves the actual practice of a procedure or the use of equipment, or both.

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