Definition of Generating Resources

Generating Resources (05/28/08 Version) means any sources or amounts of electric power from identified electricity-producing units, and for which the

Generating Resources (09/08/08 Version) means any source or amount of electric power from an identified electricity-producing unit, and for which the amount of power received by «Customer Name» or «Customer Name»’s retail consumer is determined by the power produced from such identified electricity-producing unit. Such unit may be owned by «Customer Name» or «Customer Name»’s retail consumer in whole or in part, or all or any part of the output from such unit may be owned for a defined period by contract.

Generating Resources means all power generating facilities owned by a Party available to meet the capacity and energy needs of the Parties. A list of the generating facilities and the owning Party for each facility is included in Appendix 1.

Examples of Generating Resources in a sentence

Energy from the lowest Incremental Cost generation from each Party's own Generating Resources shall first be assigned to its own Load Requirements .
Provide coordination of maintenance schedules for major Generating Resources .
The cost of the energy assigned to Off-System Sales shall be the Incremental Cost of the Generating Resources used to supply the sale .
Under those circumstances, Kentucky Power states that a revised Mitchell Plant Operating Agreement will be filed with FERC providing that Kentucky Power will operate the Mitchell Station on behalf of itself and AEP Generating Resources.
The Agent shall administer the System Dispatch order to economically meet the Parties' combined Load Requirements and Off-System Sales obligations, through the economic commitment and dispatch of the Combined System's Generating Resources and Off- System Purchases, consistent with reliable operation of the interconnected system as defined in Article XI .