Definition of Generating Resources

Generating Resources (05/28/08 Version) means any sources or amounts of electric power from identified electricity-producing units, and for which the

Examples of Generating Resources in a sentence

Components Not Requiring or Generating Resources includes items that are recognized as part of the net cost of operations for the period but will not generate or require the use of resources, such as depreciation and amortization.
The Agent shall administer the System Dispatch of the Combined System in order to economically meet the Generating Parties' combined Load Requirements and Off-System Sales obligations, through the economic commitment and dispatch of the Combined System's Generating Resources and Off-System Purchases, consistent with reliable operation of the interconnected system as defined in Article XI and the Generating Parties' supply obligations.
LIST OF RESOURCES NOT USED TO SERVE TOTAL RETAIL LOAD Option 1: If <> does NOT own any resources not dedicated to its TRL include the following text: Pursuant to section 17 of the body of this Agreement, <> does not own any Generating Resources or Contract Resources that are: (1) not Specified Resources listed in section 2 of Exhibit A, and (2) greater than 200 kilowatts of nameplate capability.
The Parties shall provide communications, metering and other facilities necessary for the metering and control of the Generating Resources and interconnected transmission facilities.
Generating unit Generating Resources The cost of environmental compliance (e .g ., with the Clean Air Act Amendments of - 1990) with the existing Generating Resources will be Party that owns the unit .