Gathered definition

Gathered or “Gathering” shall mean the receipt of Gas at the Receipt Point(s) and the delivery of Gas at the Delivery Point(s).

Examples of Gathered in a sentence

  • Gathered today at the United Nations, the birthplace and custodian of these universal values, we deplore all manifestations of xenophobia, racial discrimination and intolerance.

  • MARTINEZ-LAGE, “Evidence Gathered Through Leniency: From the Prisoner’s Dilemma to a Race to the Bottom”, in C.-D.

  • The Tribes may authorize their members to Gather plant materials and other natural resources on State lands for personal, medicinal, cultural, or traditional craft use, provided that such natural resources Gathered on State lands shall not be used for commercial purposes except as specifically provided in this Paragraph 20.1, and provided further that nothing herein shall authorize the excavation or mining of sand, gravel or other minerals on State lands.

  • Over the past 90 days of its mandate, the Advisory Group has:• Gathered targeted input from an online survey, written submissions, e-mails and letters• Consulted with communities and stakeholders to ensure that the framework addresses local needs• Examined best practices in Ontario and other jurisdictions, and• Engaged ministries.

  • Gathered materials have to some extent, been outreached through ReindeerPortal and other written materials.

  • Gathered all relevant information regarding project site and is ready to take the property on as is where is basis.

  • Instituting Performance Requirements: The Process July 2020 New Guidelines Released SFY23 Set Performance Targets Performance Requirements go into effect SFY22 Baseline Data Gathered Identifying Data Quality Issues In July 2020, the CBRA guidelines are released to both CBRA and HARPS LTS grantees.

  • A person who, within the jurisdiction of the Band, violates Subsection 8.04(c) of this Code by Selling firewood Gathered from Trust Land or Fee Land shall be liable for a civil fine of not less than $250.00 or more than $1,000.00.

  • Gathered information could include the highest speeds, technology platform, and number of fiber providers available.

  • Ministers of the Word and Sacrament shall be committed in all their work to teaching the faith in word and in deed and equipping the people of God for their ministry and witness.F-3.0203 Gathered in CouncilsThese presbyters shall come together in councils in regular gradation.

Related to Gathered

  • Production Area means that part of the animal feeding operation that includes the animal confinement area, the manure storage area, the raw materials storage area, and the waste containment areas. The animal confinement area includes, but is not limited to, open lots, housed lots, feedlots, confinement houses, stall barns, free stall barns, milkrooms, milking centers, egg washing or egg processing areas, areas used for the storage and disposal/treatment of mortalities, cowyards, barnyards, medication pens, walkers, animal walkways, and stables. The manure storage area includes, but is not limited to, lagoons, runoff ponds, storage sheds, stockpiles, under-house or pit storages, liquid impoundments, static piles, and composting piles. The raw materials storage area includes, but is not limited to, feed silos, and silage bunkers. The waste containment area includes, but is not limited to, settling basins and areas within berms and diversions which separate uncontaminated stormwater.

  • Postproduction means an activity related to the finishing or duplication of a medium described in Subsection 59-12-104(54)(a).

  • Gathering System means that portion of Gatherer’s pipeline system, including all appurtenances thereto, related to the provision of gathering and transportation services provided by Gatherer pursuant to this tariff.

  • Processing Plant means plant systems, located on or off the Leased Premises, that include a gas processing plant, natural gasoline plant, gasoline plant, or other plant where raw unprocessed natural gas is processed to remove or extract Raw Mix from the natural gas stream to produce a Pipeline- Quality Natural Gas or Residue Gas and other products, and the Raw Mix is then either (i) separated by fractionation down to its base components prior to storage and/or transport that meets or conforms to all applicable Gas Processors Association (GPA) Standards and/or Specifications for the commercial sale of each liquefiable hydrocarbon product, or (ii) transported to another plant for separation down to its base components by fractionation prior to storage and/or transport for the commercial sale of each liquefiable hydrocarbon product. Any deductions, costs, or processing fees associated with the removal or recovery of Natural Gas Liquids is strictly limited to only that part of any Processing Plant or facility where Raw Mix is recovered, and if applicable at that plant, also fractionated to their component parts.

  • Produced water means water extracted from the earth from an oil or natural gas production well, or that is separated from oil or natural gas after extraction.

  • Gatherer As defined in the preamble of this Agreement.

  • Calibration gas means a gas mixture used to calibrate gas analysers.

  • Receipt Point means a location on the Canadian Pipeline as set out in Schedule "A" hereto at which a Shipper may, in accordance with a Transportation Service Agreement, tender Gas and includes the Alliance Trading Pool for FDS, FDS-IBR and ITDS.

  • Geothermal fluid means water in any form at temperatures greater than 120

  • Terminals means the Terminals set forth on Schedule A attached hereto.

  • Radiation area means any area, accessible to individuals, in which radiation levels could result in an individual receiving a dose equivalent in excess of 0.05 mSv (0.005 rem) in 1 hour at 30 centimeters from the source of radiation or from any surface that the radiation penetrates.

  • Refinery means a facility for the manufacture or reprocessing of finished or unfinished petroleum

  • ore means any rock soil or alluvium bearing diamonds mined from mining leases granted pursuant to this Agreement;

  • Production means a method of obtaining goods including manufacturing, assembling, processing, raising, growing, breeding, mining, extracting, harvesting, fishing, trapping, gathering, collecting, hunting and capturing.

  • Metering Point means, for meters that do not use instrument transformers, the point at which the billing meter is connected. For meters that use instrument transformers, the point at which the instrument transformers are connected.

  • Receipt Point(s) means the receipt points set forth in Section 6 of this Toll Schedule.

  • tailings means waste material resulting from the bene- ficiation of crushed ore at a concentrator.

  • Terminal means a device authorized by a Selling Lottery to function in an on-line, interactive mode with the Selling Lottery’s computer gaming system for the purpose of issuing lottery tickets and entering, receiving, and processing lottery transactions, including making purchases, validating tickets, and transmitting reports.

  • Very high radiation area means an area, accessible to individuals, in which radiation levels from radiation sources external to the body could result in an individual receiving an absorbed dose in excess of 5 Gy (500 rad) in one hour at one meter from a source of radiation or one meter from any surface that the radiation penetrates.

  • Gathering means any assembly, concourse or procession in or on—

  • Reservoir means a porous and permeable underground formation containing a natural accumulation of producible oil or gas that is confined by impermeable rock or water barriers and is individual and separate from other reservoirs.

  • High radiation area means an area, accessible to individuals, in which radiation levels from radiation sources external to the body could result in an individual receiving a dose equivalent in excess of one mSv (0.1 rem) in one hour at 30 centimeters from any source of radiation or 30 centimeters from any surface that the radiation penetrates.

  • Generation Interconnection Customer means an entity that submits an Interconnection Request to interconnect a new generation facility or to increase the capacity of an existing generation facility interconnected with the Transmission System in the PJM Region.

  • Extraction means a process by which cannabinoids are separated from cannabis plant material through chemical or physical means.

  • Biomass means the biodegradable fraction of products, waste and residues from biological origin from agriculture (including vegetal and animal substances), forestry and related industries including fisheries and aquaculture, as well as the biodegradable fraction of industrial and municipal waste;

  • Throughput means the measure of production, or factor related to production, used to determine the relationship between the amount of energy used by the target unit and the levels of activity of the target unit, as set out in Schedule 6 to an underlying agreement; “the Tribunal” means the First-tier Tribunal established under the Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx xxx Xxxxxxxxxxx Xxx 00000;