Definition of Gap Documentation

Gap Documentation means all the Gap Proprietary Documentation, Gap Modified Documentation and Gap Third Party Documentation.

Examples of Gap Documentation in a sentence

Supplier will have access to all existing Gap Documentation on the Gap Systems, all of which shall be deemed to be Proprietary or Confidential Information of Gap.
In addition, with regard to any derivative works of the Gap Owned Intellectual Capital, any Deliverable, Gap Intellectual Property, Gap Software, and/or Gap Documentation created by Gap, or with regard to any functional module thereof, Gap's rights with regard to Supplier Embedded Items and/or Supplier Modified Items shall be limited to the license grant in this Section 22.4 (Supplier Embedded Items and Supplier Modified Items).
Supplier Third Party Documentation shall mean all Documentation (excluding any and all such Documentation that is Generally Available and/or provided with Software that is Generally Available) licensed, leased, or otherwise obtained (unless it is otherwise Provisioned by Supplier for Gap, in which case it will be deemed Gap Documentation) from a Third Party Vendor by Supplier which is used for the performance of the Services, excluding, the Embedded Supplier Third Party Documentation.
Gap Modified Documentation shall mean any item of Gap Documentation that has been modified, enhanced, or otherwise altered by Supplier, after the Reference Date, pursuant to the performance of the Services.
Embedded Supplier Proprietary Documentation shall mean all Documentation: (1) developed or otherwise acquired and owned by Supplier, or (2) developed by a third party for, and owned by Supplier, to the extent embedded or incorporated by Supplier into a Deliverable, the Gap Intellectual Property, the Gap Software, or the Gap Documentation during the Term pursuant to performance of the Services.