Fume definition

Fume means solid particulate matter resulting from the condensation and subsequent solidification of vapors of melted solid materials.
Fume means minute solid particles generated by the condensation of vapors to solid matter after volatilization from the molten state, or generated by sublimation, distillation, calcination, or chemical reaction when these processes create airborne particles.
Fume means a solid condensation particle, generally less than 1micrometer in diameter.

Examples of Fume in a sentence

  • Fume scrubbers, filters or engineering modifications to the process equipment may be necessary to reduce emissions to acceptable levels.

  • Combined Fly Ash, Pozzolans, and Silica Fume: 35 percent with fly ash or pozzolans not exceeding 25 percent and silica fume not exceeding 10 percent.

  • Minimum Portland Cement shall be 564 lbs/cyds and the total Silica Fume added shall be 25 lbs/cyds.(*) Refer to Subsection 1004.02 for material characteristics.

  • Combined Fly Ash or Pozzolans, Ground Granulated Blast-Furnace Slag, and Silica Fume: 50 percent with fly ash or pozzolans not exceeding 25 percent and silica fume not exceeding 10 percent.

  • Standard Specification for Silica Fume Used in Cementitious Mixtures.

  • Silica Fume Content: Maximum 5 percent of cementitious materials by weight.

  • Combined Fly Ash or Pozzolans, Slag Cement, and Silica Fume: 50 percent with fly ash or pozzolans not exceeding 25 percent and silica fume not exceeding 10 percent.

  • Easy-Off Fume Free is an easy, odorless product that works well for this.

  • Fume and gas decomposition, and not the ingredients in the electrode, are important.

  • Fume hoods must be monitored daily by the user to ensure that air is moving into the hood.

More Definitions of Fume

Fume means a solid condensation particle, generally less than 1 microm- eter in diameter.
Fume means the atom of solid derived from the collection of vapor of matter and capable of floating in the air.

Related to Fume

  • Dust means any solid matter in a fine or disintegrated form which is capable of being dispersed or suspended in the atmosphere;

  • Graffiti shall not include: (1) any sign or banner that is authorized by, and in compliance with, the applicable requirements of the San Francisco Public Works Code, the San Francisco Planning Code or the San Francisco Building Code; or (2) any mural or other painting or marking on the property that is protected as a work of fine art under the California Art Preservation Act (California Civil Code Sections 987 et seq.) or as a work of visual art under the Federal Visual Artists Rights Act of 1990 (17 U.S.C. §§ 101 et seq.). Any failure of Contractor to comply with this section of this Agreement shall constitute an Event of Default of this Agreement.

  • Disinfect means to eliminate virtually all germs from inanimate surfaces through the use of chemicals or physical agents (e.g., heat). In the child care environment, a solution of ¼ cup household liquid chlorine bleach added to one gallon of water (or one tablespoon bleach to one quart water) and prepared fresh daily is an effective disinfectant for environmental surfaces and other objects. A weaker solution of 1 tablespoon bleach to 1 gallon of cool water is effective for use on toys, eating utensils, etc. Commercial products may also be used.

  • Smoke means the gases, particles, or vapors released into the air as a result of combustion, electrical ignition or vaporization, when the apparent or usual purpose of the combustion, electrical ignition or vaporization is human inhalation of the byproducts, except when the combusting or vaporizing of materials contains no tobacco or nicotine and the purpose of the inhalation is solely olfactory, such as, for example, smoke from incense. The term "smoke" includes, but is not limited to, tobacco smoke, electronic cigarette vapors, and cannabis smoke.

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  • Disinfection means a process which inactivates pathogenic organisms in water by chemical oxidants or equivalent agents.

  • Odor means that property of an air contaminant that affects the sense of smell.

  • Mold means mold, fungus, microbial contamination or pathogenic organisms.

  • recyclable waste means waste which has been separated from the waste stream, and set aside for purposes of recycling;

  • Topsoil means those horizons in a soil profile, commonly known as the “O” and the “A” horizons, containing organic material and includes deposits of partially decomposed organic matter such as peat;

  • Incinerator means any enclosed device that:

  • Junk means old or scrap copper, brass, rope, rags, batteries, paper, trash, rubber debris, waste, or junked, dismantled or wrecked automobiles, or parts of automobiles, iron, steel and other old or scrap ferrous or nonferrous material.

  • Stripping means any activity that removes the vegetative surface cover including tree removal, clearing, grubbing, and storage or removal of topsoil.

  • Cleaner means an employee engaged in cutting or trimming off loose ends of cotton or cloth left on garments or parts of garments by previous operators;

  • Hydrofluorocarbons means compounds that only contain hydrogen, fluorine, and carbon.

  • Recyclable means material that can be sorted, cleansed, and reconstituted using the City’s available recycling collection programs for the purpose of using the altered form in the manufacture of a new product. Recycling does not include burning, incinerating, converting, or otherwise thermally destroying solid waste.

  • Plasma arc incinerator means any enclosed device using a high intensity electrical discharge or arc as a source of heat followed by an afterburner using controlled flame combustion and which is not listed as an industrial furnace.

  • Ashes means so much of the remains of a dead body after the due processes of cremation as may be contained in a standard sized cremation urn;

  • Noise means the standard deviation of the fluctuations in CTN expressed as a percentage of the attenuation coefficient of water. Its estimate (Sn) is calculated using the following expression:

  • Microorganisms (1 2) means bacteria, viruses, mycoplasms, rickettsiae, chlamydiae or fungi, whether natural, enhanced or modified, either in the form of "isolated live cultures" or as material including living material which has been deliberately inoculated or contaminated with such cultures.

  • Overburden means all of the earth and other materials which lie above natural minerals and also means such earth and other materials disturbed from their natural state in the process of mining.

  • Cyanoacrylate adhesive means any adhesive with a cyanoacrylate content of at least 95% by weight.

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