Foremost definition

Foremost shall have the meaning set forth in the Preamble.
Foremost means the Foremost Corporation of America and any of its wholly-owned subsidiary insurance corporations and Foremost County Mutual Insurance Company through which Foremost shall elect to offer or make available mobile homeowners insurance to members of AARP.
Foremost means the Foremost Corporation of America, a Delaware corporation.

Examples of Foremost in a sentence

  • Foremost, as a state agency, DCH must comply with the Georgia Open Records Act and Open Meetings Act.

  • Foremost, it involves prioritizing the interests of those being served above one’s own.

  • Foremost, the earlier crisis was rooted in structural weakness in the U.S. financial sector.

  • Foremost, it is possible that smuggled migrants, despite having agreed to the undocumented or false entry, are later forced into exploitative labour dynamics beyond the scope of the migrant smuggling definition.

  • Foremost is my supervisor Dr Shane Darcy, without whose direction, wise counsel and calm assurances I would have stayed overwhelmed and lost.

  • Foremost among the goals of the Code is to promote the public interest and maintain the respect of the people for their government.

  • You, or anyone who represents you, must be licensed and appointed by Foremost to sell or solicit insurance and to receive commissions.

  • Foremost among the considerations are guidelines for the use of the funds that will meet the needs of students and the annual audit requirements including the Federal Program Monitoring (FPM) criteria.

  • Applicants who have had a prior policy, including Foremost, canceled or nonrenewed for any underwriting reason.

  • Foremost among issues of scholarly ethics is the correct method for attributing researched material from secondary sources in order to avoid either intentional or inadvertent plagiarism.

Related to Foremost

  • Foreman means an employee who is in charge of the employees in a factory, and who exercises control over such employees and who is charged with the responsibility for engaging or terminating the employment of such employees, and who s responsible for the efficient performance by them of their duties;

  • USFWS means the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, an agency of the United States Department of Interior.

  • Mobile Banking means the banking services accessible from the Device you have registered with us for Mobile Banking.

  • Academy means the academy named at the beginning of this Scheme of Delegation and includes all sites upon which the academy undertaking is, from time to time, being carried out;

  • Deputy Minister - means the Deputy of a Minister or the Head of a ministry as defined in this agreement;

  • Harbour Master means the ABP Harbour Master or Dock Master for the Port (as appropriate) or their authorised representative;

  • Internet Banking means the service we offer by which you can access and transact on a nominated account by using a personal computer and accessing via our website. This includes transactions processed through the mobile banking facility as well as the smartphone app facility.

  • Stopover means a scheduled stop on your journey, at a point between the place of departure and the place of destination.

  • Developers means Park Land Company and any Person acting through a duly executed power of attorney, in a form approved by the City, granting the attorney-in-fact full authority to act in the stead of or on behalf of the Owner or Owners, and shall mean and include any and all Owners of the Property.

  • Air freshener means any consumer product including, but not limited to, sprays, wicks, powders, and crystals, designed for the purpose of masking odors or freshening, cleaning, scenting, or deodorizing the air. Air fresheners do not include products that are used on the human body, products that function primarily as cleaning products (as indicated on a product label) or as toilet/urinal care products, disinfectant products claiming to deodorize by killing germs on surfaces, or institutional or industrial disinfectants when offered for sale solely through institutional and industrial channels of distribution. Air fresheners do include spray disinfectants and other products that are expressly represented for use as air fresheners, except institutional and industrial disinfectants when offered for sale through institutional and industrial channels of distribution. To determine whether a product is an air freshener, all verbal and visual representations regarding product use on the label or packaging and in the product's literature and advertising may be considered. The presence of, and representations about, a product's fragrance and ability to deodorize (resulting from surface application) shall not constitute a claim of air freshening.

  • Playground means a public outdoor recreation area for children, usually equipped with swings, slides, and other playground equipment, owned and/or managed by a city, county, state, or federal government.

  • International banking institution means an international financial institution of which the United States is a member and whose securities are exempt from registration under the Securities Act of 1933.

  • Fat wood means pieces of wood kindling with high naturally-occurring levels of sap or resin which enhance ignition of the kindling. “Fat wood” does not include any kindling with substances added to enhance flammability, such as wax-covered or wax-impregnated wood-based products.

  • Driver means a person who drives or is in actual physical control of a vehicle.

  • ABC means ABC, Inc., a New York corporation and a wholly owned Subsidiary of the Borrower, or any successor thereto.

  • American Express means American Express Services Europe Limited.

  • PR is the number of payroll periods that occur during a year under the Company's and the Bank's normal payroll practices; "I" equals the applicable federal short term rate established under section 1274 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 (the "Code") for the month in which the Executive's termination of employment occurs (the "Short Term AFR") and "n" equals the product of the Remaining Unexpired Employment Period at the Executive's termination of employment (expressed in years and fractions of years) multiplied by the number of payroll periods that occur during a year under the Company's and the Bank's normal payroll practices. The Salary Severance Payment shall be made within five (5) business days after the Executive's termination of employment and shall be in lieu of any claim to a continuation of base salary which the Executive might otherwise have and in lieu of cash severance benefits under any severance benefits program which may be in effect for officers or employees of the Bank or the Company.

  • Triad means Triad Financial Corporation, a California corporation, as predecessor in interest to Santander Consumer.

  • Floodplain Management means the operation of an overall program of corrective and preventive measures for reducing flood damage, including but not limited to emergency preparedness plans, flood control works and floodplain management regulations.

  • Head of the Department means the administrative head of the department or the organization;

  • Shoulder means that part of a highway between the portion regularly traveled by vehicular traffic

  • Specialty contractor means a person who is licensed to conduct business as described in subsection 4 of NRS 624.215.

  • Classroom teacher means a teacher subject to annual performance evaluation review under the provisions of Education Law Section 3012-c.

  • Designer means the specific Designer contracted by the Municipality to manage Construction, Installation and/or Maintenance work on their behalf.

  • Visa means an authorisation issued or a decision taken by Armenia or one of the Member States which is required with a view to entry in, or transit through, its territory. This shall not include airport transit visa;

  • Relationship Manager means the person or persons we may from time to time assign to assist you in relation to the services we provide under this Agreement;