FIT definition

FIT means feed-in tariff.
FIT means fit, willing, and able to perform the air transportation in question properly and to conform to the provisions of the Statute and the rules, regulations and requirements issued under the Statute.

Examples of FIT in a sentence

  • One Size Does Not Fit All: Analyzing Different Approaches to Family-School Communication.

  • Fit the cover and make sure none of the cables cause an obstruction while fitting cover.

  • An NVR registered training organisation must satisfy the Fit and Proper Person Requirements.

  • Fit carpentry to other construction; scribe and cope as needed for accurate fit.

  • Convicted of or associated directly or indirectly with any person convicted of any offence, including any ML/TF offence or any predicate offence set out in Schedule-I of the Act For the purpose of this regulation, Fit and Proper Test (FPT) shall be interpreted in accordance to BPRD Circular No. 04 of 2007 and its subsequent Circulars.

More Definitions of FIT

FIT means that “‘the expert’s testimony must be relevant for the purposes of the case and must assist the trier of fact.’” Calhoun, 350 F.3d at 321 (quoting Schneider, 320 F.3d at 405). It pertains “‘primarily to relevance.’” Meadows v. Anchor Longwall & Rebuild, Inc., 306
FIT means changes in parts to components that are not physically interchangeable.