prescribe definition

prescribe means prescribe by regulation;
prescribe means to issue a prescription:
prescribe. ’ means prescribe by regulation;

Examples of prescribe in a sentence

  • Prescribe rules for the use and access to public records of the district that are consistent with ORS 192.420 (Right to inspect public records), and education records of students under applicable state and federal law and rules of the commission.

  • A Prescribe cortisone ointment and make a new appointment in two weeks.Incorrect answer.

  • Prescribe and collect fees and expend funds so raised for special programs and services for the students and for programs for the cultural and physical development of the students.

  • Code of Practice of Advertising Over-the-Counter Medicines to Persons Qualified to Prescribe or Supply.

  • Prescribe obligatory instructions and terms for editing possible errors in the application forms and the attachments oriii.

More Definitions of prescribe

prescribe means the same as that term is defined in Section 58-17b-102.
prescribe means prescribe by regulations;
prescribe means a direction or authorization, by
prescribe means prescribe by regulation or guidelines in terms of section 120 and “prescribed” has a corresponding meaning
prescribe means prescribe by regulation; and “prescribed” has a corresponding meaning;
prescribe means prescribe by regulation in terms of section 83;