Financial means definition

Financial means of the displaced person means:
Financial means means the standard for determining if a dwelling is affordable. A replacement or comparable dwelling is within a person’s financial means when, as an owner, the monthly housing costs, including payments for mortgage, insur- ance, utilities and property taxes, or, as a tenant, monthly rent including comparable utility costs, minus any replacement hous- ing payment available to a person under this chapter, does not exceed 30% of average monthly income. In lieu of the 30% of income standard in this subsection, a comparable dwelling may also be considered to be within a person’s financial means if:
Financial means. The Purchaser has the financial means to perform the Assumed Liabilities.

Examples of Financial means in a sentence

  • Date Change Effect on Balance Sheet Details Effect on Profit and Loss Statement Details In Financial Means none 8.

  • Financial Means of Action The CEB provides assistance in the form of loans, guarantees and contributions from the trust accounts in order to finance bankable projects.

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