Filled definition

Filled means, in relation to a FX Order, that, subject to clause 2.5 of this Schedule, the corresponding Order Conditions are satisfied and the corresponding Spot FX Transaction or FX Order is entered into and/or Order Service performed, and “Fill” and “Filling” will have corresponding meanings.
Filled. A deal executed on behalf of a Customer's Account pursuant to an Order. Once filled, an Order cannot be canceled, amended or waived by Customer.
Filled project pipelines means that even if one project does not get approved, another one is ready to jump in its place;

Examples of Filled in a sentence

  • Filled and Signed Vendor Specifications against BHEL Specifications (Item wise)d.

  • Amount, Filled is Amount filled in with 0's on days where the borrower borrows from at least one of its lenders.

  • See, Tim Maughan, The Dystopian Lake Filled by the World’s Tech Lust (2 April 2015)<>.

  • The Lender Fixed Effect Proxy is average Spread, Amount, and Amount Filled, respectively, by lender.

  • The Borrower Fixed Effect Proxy is average Spread, Amount, and Amount Filled, respectively, by borrower.

  • Filled and open symbols correspond to measurements made after 30 and 40 days, respectively.

  • Caries is measured in Decayed, Missing, and Filled Surfaces (DMF-S).Dotted line shows predicted DMF-S with groundwater replaced by limestone filtered desalinated water in Copenhagen.

  • No.Aviation Law, Flight Rules & Procedures Human Performance & Limitations Navigation Meteorology Airmanship & Balloon Systems (Hot Air Balloon only) Airmanship & Aerostatics (Gas Filled Balloon only) b) CPL (Balloon) ApplicantsI confirm that I have sat and passed the CPL(B) level of examinationsSignature .........................................................................................

  • Question 2 – Line item number 14's unit of measure is "per day" for Temporary Barrier Water Filled (county to provide water) The standard approved barrier wall is 6' in length.

  • Filled and empty dots correspond to disordered and lamellar initial conditions, respectively.

More Definitions of Filled

Filled as applied to packing, means used in conjunction with other goods;
Filled means to the extent the infrastructure can safely be utilized. Bitcoin mining hardware for either the Corporation or hosted client must be powered on and mining to the benefit of the Corporation. 1/3 of award vests 1/3 of award vests 1/3 of award vests
Filled means in Merriam-Webster as to satisfy or fulfill. In the advertisement, the word “filled” implied that the product can be used to fill the consumer’s eyebrows in order to increase the details of their eyebrows. This can be seen on the model shown in the advertisement, whichhas her eyebrows being more filled.
Filled means that the maximum exceeded 974,000 prior 4 to 2000 or 949,000 for 2000 to present?

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