FELA definition

FELA means the Federal Employers Liability Act. 45 U.S.C. §51, et seq.
FELA means a foreign exchange loan agreement in the form set out in appendix 2 to this Agreement;

Examples of FELA in a sentence

The separate minimum premium shown in the above Table For Increased Limits applies to a policy which includes classifications for operations subject to admiralty law or the F.E.L.A. Such minimum premium is the lowest premium for insuring admiralty or F.E.L.A. operations and it shall apply in addition to the minimum premium or premium for other operations on such a policy.

Provides under Part One - Workers Compensation Insurance statutory liability - under the workers compensation law of any state designated on the Information Page and under Part Two - Employers Liability Insurance, Employers liability for damages under admiralty law or F.E.L.A., subject to a standard limit of liability of $25,000.

The standard limit of liability under Part Two Employers Liability Insurance for admiralty or F.E.L.A. insurance under Program I or II is $25,000.

To provide Program I for employments subject to F.E.L.A., attach the Standard Federal Employers Liability Act Coverage Endorsement (WC 00 01 04).

Unless specifically excluded, coverage for liability of an employer under admiralty law or F.E.L.A. is provided by the policy under Part Two - Employers Liability.

To exclude F.E.L.A. liability, attach the Standard Federal Employers Liability Act Exclusion Endorsement (WC 00 01 05).

When insurance is provided for liability under admiralty law or F.E.L.A., insurance for liability under the U.S.L. &H.W. Act also may be necessary.

When insurance is provided for liability under admiralty law or F.E.L.A., insurance for liability under the U.S.L. & H.W. Act also may be necessary.

The following admiralty or F.E.L.A. classification list is for information purposes only.

The policy shall include occupational disease to required statutory limits, employer's liability of $1,000,000 to include FELA, if appropriate, and an "all states" endorsement.

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