Fax transmission definition

Fax transmission means the transmission of a document by a system that encodes a document into electrical signals, transmits these electrical signals over a telephone line, and reconstructs the signals to print a duplicate of the original document at the receiving end.
Fax transmission means the electronic transmission and reconstruction of a document that prints a duplicate of the original document at the receiving end. “Fax transmission” includes, but is not limited to, the use of a facsimile machine or the process of integrating an electronic fax software application to automate the sending and receiving of a faxed document as an electronic record, in portable data format, by e-mail or similar electronic means.

Examples of Fax transmission in a sentence

  • However, this has to be confirmed and endorsed by us using alternative communication such as Fax immediately (Fax No.04324 – 277265) and marked predominantly as “Reverse Auction” bid to the attention of AGM (TOS) and the Fax transmission to be informed to TNPL over Phone.

  • A Fax transmission or electronic mail shall constitute an official notice to the Supplier.

  • Submission by Fax transmission or email is not allowed and will be considered invalid.

  • A Fax transmission or electronic mail shall constitute an official notice to the Proponent.

  • Fax transmission is highly dependent on Customer’s facsimile device, its ability to disable error correction, and other factors.

  • DENNIS, Clerk of the Council FAXING COPY?IF you fax copy to Government Publishing SA for inclusion in the Government Gazette, there is no need to send a Confirmation Copy to us as well.This creates confusion and may well result in your notice being printedtwice.Please use the following fax number: Fax transmission: (08) 8207 1040Phone Inquiries: (08) 8207 1045 Please include a contact person, phone number and order number so that we can phone back with any queries we may have regarding the fax copy.

  • Further the storage of a photocopy of the Fax transmission sent by me/us shall be conclusive evidence of instruction to the DP for having acted on such instructions and I/We hereby agree and acknowledge the same".

  • Submission by Fax transmission or emails is not allowed and will be considered invalid.

  • Submission by Fax transmission or e-mail is not allowed and will be considered invalid.

  • Some ISP services deliver inadequate quality of service to allow for reliable Fax transmission.

Related to Fax transmission

  • transmission means transmission by operation of law, devolution on the personal representative of a deceased person and any other mode of transfer, not being assignment;

  • Facsimile transmission means the transmission of a source document by a facsimile machine that encodes a document into optical or electrical signals, transmits and reconstructs the signals to print a duplicate of the source document at the receiving end.

  • Money transmission means any of the following:

  • Transmission links are the means used for inter-connecting distributed units for the purpose of conveying signals, operating data or an energy supply. This equipment is generally electrical but may, in some part, be mechanical, pneumatic or hydraulic.

  • retransmission means any simultaneous, unaltered and unabridged retransmission, other than cable retransmission as defined in Directive 93/83/EEC, intended for reception by the public of an initial transmission from another Member State of television or radio programmes intended for the reception by the public, where such initial transmission is by wire or over the air, including that by satellite but excluding online transmission, provided that:

  • Transmission Owner means an entity that owns Transmission Facilities.

  • Electronic Transmission means each document, instruction, authorization, file, information and any other communication transmitted, posted or otherwise made or communicated by e-mail or E-Fax, or otherwise to or from an E-System or other equivalent service.

  • Transmission Customer means any eligible customer, shipper or designated agent that can or does execute a transmission service agreement or can or does receive transmission service, including all persons who have pending requests for transmission service or for information regarding transmission.

  • Transmission Licensee means a licensee authorised to establish or operate transmission lines;

  • Transmission Provider means any entity or entities transmitting or transporting the Product on behalf of Seller or Buyer to or from the Delivery Point.

  • Merchant Transmission Provider means an Interconnection Customer that (1) owns, controls, or controls the rights to use the transmission capability of, Merchant D.C. Transmission Facilities and/or Controllable A.C. Merchant Transmission Facilities that connect the Transmission System with another control area, (2) has elected to receive Transmission Injection Rights and Transmission Withdrawal Rights associated with such facility pursuant to Tariff, Part IV, section 36, and (3) makes (or will make) the transmission capability of such facilities available for use by third parties under terms and conditions approved by the Commission and stated in the Tariff, consistent with Tariff, section 38.

  • Transmission Pipeline means any high pressure transmission pipeline connected to, but excluding the Maui Pipeline, that is used for the open access transportation of Gas, and includes all items of plant, equipment, fixtures and fittings directly appurtenanced to that pipeline, but excluding any item which is controlled by a party other than that pipeline’s TP Welded Party and any low pressure distribution system.

  • Transmission Operator means the entity responsible for the reliability of its “local” Transmission System, and that operates or directs the operations of the Transmission Facilities.

  • Transmission Charges means the charges payable to TSP by Long Term Transmission Customer(s) pursuant to the TSA, as adopted by the Appropriate Commission;

  • Transmission Licence means a licence granted under section 6(1)(b) of the Act;

  • Facsimile means an exact copy or likeness which is electronically transmitted for instant reproduction.

  • Email has the meaning given in Clause 29.1;

  • Electronically transmitted or “electronic transmission” means a communication sent or received through technological apparatuses, including computer terminals or other equipment or mechanisms linked by telephone or microwave relays, or any similar apparatus having electrical, digital, magnetic, wireless, optical, electromagnetic or similar capabilities.

  • transmitter means a person who owns or operates a transmission system;

  • Transmission Service means Point-To-Point Transmission Service provided under Tariff, Part II on a firm and non-firm basis.

  • Transmission Service Agreement or “TSA” shall mean the agreement entered into between Long Term Transmission Customer(s) and the TSP pursuant to which TSP shall build, own, operate and maintain the Project and make available the assets of the Project to Long Term Transmission Customer(s) on a commercial basis;

  • Regional Transmission Organization or “RTO” means the regional transmission organization approved by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for the control area that includes the utility’s assigned service area as defined in IC 8-1-2.3-2.

  • Transmission Business means the business of establishing or operating transmission lines;

  • Telecommunication means any transmission of signs, signals, writing, images or sounds or intelligence of any nature by wire, radio, visual, optical or other electromagnetic system;

  • Merchant Transmission Facilities means A.C. or D.C. transmission facilities that are interconnected with or added to the Transmission System pursuant to Tariff, Part IV and Tariff, Part VI and that are so identified in Tariff, Attachment T, provided, however, that Merchant Transmission Facilities shall not include (i) any Customer Interconnection Facilities, (ii) any physical facilities of the Transmission System that were in existence on or before March 20, 2003 ; (iii) any expansions or enhancements of the Transmission System that are not identified as Merchant Transmission Facilities in the Regional Transmission Expansion Plan and Tariff, Attachment T, or (iv) any transmission facilities that are included in the rate base of a public utility and on which a regulated return is earned. Merchant Transmission Provider:

  • Confirmation means the entry of the Confirmation Order on the docket of the Chapter 11 Cases.