fairly definition

fairly means with sufficient particularity to enable the Purchaser to make a reasonable assessment of the impact on the Company of the matter disclosed and to identify to a reasonable degree the nature and scope of the matter disclosed and to enable the Purchaser to have a reasonable understanding of the issue, and “Disclose” shall be construed accordingly.
fairly means that GSA must make certain information available to the data subject as practicable, irrespective of the source from which the data was obtained.
fairly for these purposes means disclosed in a manner so as to enable a reasonable purchaser to make an informed and accurate assessment of the significance of the disclosure and its impact upon the relevant Warranty. In this connection, it is accepted that where a disclosure is specifically referenced to a numbered warranty, but not to others that does not of itself mean that it is not fairly disclosed against such other warranties, provided that a fact or matter will not be deemed to be fairly disclosed if it could only have been discoverable by the Purchaser deducing it from the face of a series of documents which are not connected by explicit references to each other. The parties agree that a fact or matter will only be deemed to be fairly disclosed to the Purchaser if it is within the actual knowledge of the Purchaser as a result of reviewing the Disclosure Letter and/or the documents annexed thereto (the "Disclosure Bundle") or it is readily discoverable from the face of any document in the Disclosure Bundle. No letter, document or other communication shall be deemed to constitute a disclosure for the purposes of this Agreement unless the same is actually contained in the Disclosure Bundle.

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fairly processing also means that the personal data cannot be stored any longer than necessary for the purposes for which the data were collected. This implies that restricted retention periods for the data storage have to be taken into account. On the other hand it should be taken into account that (national) sector regulations may require a minimum and / or maximum retention period. On European level this is for example the case in the telecommunications sector under the ePrivacy Directive [7]. On national level some countries foresee a minimum retention period for health data in order to ensure continuity of care and for reasons related to professional liability. Within the financial services sector national legislations provide also in the obligation to retain certain customer data for law enforcement purposes or for the matter of legal evidence. These national sectorial laws will be further investigated in D6.2.
fairly shall for the purposes of this paragraph mean clearly, accurately and in such manner and detail as would enable Elan to make an informed decision as to the matters to which it relates.
fairly means disclosed with sufficient particularity to enable a reasonable Buyer to identify the nature and scope of the matter disclosed and “Disclose” shall be construed accordingly;
fairly. 和“rather”因句子的其余部分的不同而含义略有不同:It’s fairly warm today. 这句话含有心中感到舒服的意味。It’s rather warm today. 这句话含有心中感到不舒服的意味。fit suit
fairly means disclosed in a manner which would enable a well advised purchaser, familiar with the nature of the Comtek Business and the business of the Target Companies, to make an informed assessment of the matter disclosed and the import of the matter disclosed in relation to the Warranties.
fairly means with sufficient details to identify the nature and scope of the matter disclosed) by the Disclosure Letter and “Disclosure” shall be construed accordingly);