Facility Offer definition

Facility Offer. Means the offer (and any later amendment) delivered by Bancolombia S.A. to the DEBTOR on the 20th of October of 2010 and duly accepted by the DEBTOR on the 22nd of October of 2010;

Examples of Facility Offer in a sentence

  • The annual volume shall be ascertained on the basis of firm commitment (past record) which shall be documented in the Facility Offer Letter.

  • Repayments must be made promptly and in line with the repayment schedule provided with the Loan Facility Offer Letter.

  • A copy of Facility Offer Letter dated 21st March 2012 is annexed as Annexure-B.

  • The NAB provided the Priestleys with its Farmers Choice loan contract which included a Facility Offer, Standard Terms and 2004 Code.

  • You agree that a Promissory Note and/or Facility Offer Letter signed as correct by an officer duly authorized by us is conclusive evidence of the Secured Indebtedness at the relevant time.

  • Between 2004 and 2014, banks agreed to be bound by their Facility Offer and General Standard Terms (GST).

  • The Secretary may extend thefor use or disclosure of individually (b) The provision of State law relates to thecompliance date for small health plans, as the identifiable health information, provides privacy of individually identifiable health Secretary determines is appropriate.

  • The Terms and Conditions in the Promissory Note, Loan Agreement, Facility Offer Letter, Real Estate Mortgage Contract and such other documents executed by you and your co-borrower/s and co-mortgagor/s shall prevail over the provisions of these Terms and Conditions if there is/are any inconsistency/ies between them.

  • The rate of interest on any Drawdown is the percentage rate per annum stipulated as the “Interest Rate” for such Facility in the Facility Offer Letter.

  • On the date any Guarantee is issued, the Customer shall pay a commission to the Bank in respect of such Guarantee equal to the percentage rate (and in the minimum amounts) set out under “Commission” for the Guarantee Facility in the Facility Offer Letter on the amount of such Guarantee (actual and contingent liabilities (and where a Guarantee was issued in an Alternative Currency, the Facility Currency Equivalent of such Guarantee)) pro-rated for the stipulated term of such Guarantee.

Related to Facility Offer

  • Equity Offering means any public or private sale of common stock or Preferred Stock of the Issuer or any of its direct or indirect parent companies (excluding Disqualified Stock), other than:

  • Net Proceeds Offer Trigger Date has the meaning set forth in Section 4.16.

  • Increment Offer means a type of Virtual Transaction that is an offer to sell energy at a specified location in the Day-ahead Energy Market. A cleared Increment Offer results in scheduled generation at the specified location in the Day-ahead Energy Market.

  • Qualified Equity Offering means the sale and issuance for cash by the Corporation to persons other than the Corporation or any of its subsidiaries after the Original Issue Date of shares of perpetual Preferred Stock, Common Stock or any combination of such stock, that, in each case, qualify as and may be included in Tier 1 capital of the Corporation at the time of issuance under the applicable risk-based capital guidelines of the Corporation’s Appropriate Federal Banking Agency (other than any such sales and issuances made pursuant to agreements or arrangements entered into, or pursuant to financing plans which were publicly announced, on or prior to October 13, 2008).

  • Extension Offer has the meaning specified in Section 2.15(a).

  • Public Equity Offering means an underwritten primary public offering of common stock of the Company pursuant to an effective registration statement under the Securities Act.

  • Facility Office means the office or offices notified by a Lender to the Agent in writing on or before the date it becomes a Lender (or, following that date, by not less than five Business Days’ written notice) as the office or offices through which it will perform its obligations under this Agreement.

  • Offered Amount has the meaning assigned to such term in Section 2.11(a)(ii)(D).

  • Replacement Revolving Facility Effective Date shall have the meaning assigned to such term in Section 2.21(l).

  • L/C Facility means the letter of credit facility established pursuant to Article III.

  • Facility Maturity Date means the earliest to occur of (i) the Stated Maturity Date, (ii) the date of the declaration, or automatic occurrence, of the Facility Maturity Date pursuant to Section 7.01, (iii) the Collection Date and (iv) the occurrence of the termination of this Agreement pursuant to Section 2.18(b) hereof.

  • Permitted Offer means a tender or exchange offer for all outstanding Common Shares which is at a price and on terms determined, prior to the purchase of shares under such tender or exchange offer, by at least a majority of the Disinterested Directors, to be adequate and otherwise in the best interests of the Corporation, its stockholders and its other relevant constituencies (other than the Person or any Affiliate or Associate thereof on whose behalf the offer is being made) taking into account all factors that such Disinterested Directors may deem relevant.

  • Replacement Revolving Facility has the meaning assigned to such term in Section 9.02(c).

  • Borrower Solicitation of Discounted Prepayment Offers means the solicitation by any Company Party of offers for, and the subsequent acceptance, if any, by a Lender of, a voluntary prepayment of Term Loans at a discount to par pursuant to Section 2.05(a)(v)(D).

  • Net Proceeds Offer has the meaning set forth in Section 4.16.

  • Major facility means any facility or activity classified as such by the regional administrator in conjunction with the board.

  • Net Proceeds Offer Amount has the meaning set forth in Section 4.16.

  • Credit Facility means, with respect to the Issuer or any of its Subsidiaries, one or more debt facilities, arrangements, instruments, trust deeds, note purchase agreements or indentures or commercial paper facilities and overdraft facilities (including the Senior Secured Facilities) with banks, institutions, funds or investors providing for revolving credit loans, term loans, receivables financing (including through the sale of receivables to such institutions or to special purpose entities formed to borrow from such institutions against such receivables), notes, bonds, debentures letters of credit or other Indebtedness, in each case, as amended, restated, modified, renewed, refunded, replaced, restructured, refinanced, repaid, increased or extended in whole or in part from time to time (and whether in whole or in part and whether or not with the original administrative agent and lenders or another administrative agent or agents or trustees or other banks, institutions or investors and whether provided under one or more credit or other agreements, indentures, financing agreements or otherwise) and in each case including all agreements, instruments and documents executed and delivered pursuant to or in connection with the foregoing (including any notes and letters of credit issued pursuant thereto and any Guarantee and collateral agreement, patent and trademark security agreement, mortgages or letter of credit applications and other Guarantees, pledges, agreements, security agreements and collateral documents). Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the term “Credit Facility” shall include any agreement or instrument (1) changing the maturity of any Indebtedness Incurred thereunder or contemplated thereby, (2) adding Subsidiaries of the Issuer as additional borrowers or guarantors thereunder, (3) increasing the amount of Indebtedness Incurred thereunder or available to be borrowed thereunder or (4) otherwise altering the terms and conditions thereof.

  • Facility or Facilities means lines, conduits, ducts, poles, wires, cables, cross-arms, receivers, transmitters, instruments, machines, appliances, instrumentalities and all devices, real estate, easements, apparatus, property and routes used, operated, owned or controlled by a telecommu- nications company to facilitate the provision of telecommuni- cations service.

  • Net Proceeds Offer Payment Date has the meaning set forth in Section 4.16.

  • Revolving Facility Maturity Date means, as the context may require, (a) with respect to the Revolving Facility in effect on the Closing Date, the fifth anniversary of the Closing Date and (b) with respect to any other Classes of Revolving Facility Commitments, the maturity dates specified therefor in the applicable Extension Amendment or Refinancing Amendment.

  • Pro Rata Extension Offers shall have the meaning assigned to such term in Section 2.21(e).

  • Borrower Solicitation of Discount Range Prepayment Offers means the solicitation by any Company Party of offers for, and the corresponding acceptance by a Lender of, a voluntary prepayment of Term Loans at a specified range of discounts to par pursuant to Section 2.05(a)(v)(C).

  • Failed Remarketing Condition—Unpurchased VRDP Shares means that a Beneficial Owner (other than the Liquidity Provider or its affiliates) continues to hold VRDP Shares, that were subject to a valid Tender, after any Purchase Date as a result of the failure by the Liquidity Provider for any reason to purchase such VRDP Shares pursuant to the Purchase Obligation (whether as a result of an unsuccessful Remarketing or a Mandatory Purchase) ("Unpurchased VRDP Shares"), until such time as all Outstanding Unpurchased VRDP Shares are (i) successfully Remarketed, (ii) purchased by the Liquidity Provider pursuant to the Purchase Obligation, or (iii) if not successfully Remarketed or purchased by the Liquidity Provider pursuant to the Purchase Obligation, the subject of a validly tendered Notice of Revocation (or any combination of the foregoing); and any Unpurchased VRDP Shares shall be deemed tendered for Remarketing until the earliest to occur of the foregoing events (i), (ii) or (iii) with respect to such Unpurchased VRDP Shares.

  • Offered Loans has the meaning specified in Section 2.05(d)(iii).

  • Replacement Revolving Facility Commitments shall have the meaning assigned to such term in Section 2.21(l).